Czech ads: Budvar, Mountfield, He's a Lady

While in Janske Lazne this weekend, I was introduced to Budvar’s latest advertising campaign. You can see the ten rules for Preserving the Integrity of Czech Beer at Everything is in Czech and you will need to fill in a short registration form, but visually the campaign is worth a peep. Each rule first presents a brewer or publican messing with the processes of brewing or serving beer. A few clicks later, a new scene unfolds, depicting beer-loving puritans going medieval on the offending brewer or publican’s ass.

The last of the ten rules is on the verge of being offensive to Africans, but considering the entire context of the campaign, it’s nowhere near as ignorant as the Mountfield ad that has the Czech Jewish community up in arms. This ad definitely crosses lines, especially considering the fact that it was first aired just in time to “help” celebrate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I sincerely hope that every member of the crackerjackass “creative” team that came up with this concept is out of work.

Something to look forward to, based on its way cool ad, is (gasp!) TV Nova’s He’s a Lady (On je Zena), which starts on February 14. The series will be like Tootsie in reverse, set in a TV news studio and starring foxy (well, when not in drag) Ivana Chylkova.

Ivana Chylkova as a man Ivana Chylkova as a fox
Lady looks like a dude: Ivana Chylkova exposes her animus

And speaking of Nova, last night’s Cesko Hleda Superstar was a treat – female trios sang Helena Vondrackova’s Proc me nikdo nema rad? (Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me? – a Czech version of Dionne Warwick’s I Say a Little Prayer), while the guys did Karel Gott’s Lady Karneval. Considering the fact that the groups had very little time to rehearse, the results were often incredible, sometimes amusing, rarely pathetic.

Judge Michal Horacek is proving to be the panel’s token arsehole (last year it was Zluty Pes frontman Ondrej Hejma). After one particularly entertaining rendition of Lady Karneval, Horacek asked one of the guys in the trio (a rather skinny Slovak boy wearing a tank top) if he worked out. When the singer answered no, Horacek told him he shouldn’t be wearing tank tops. The rest of the panel seemed as shocked as the Slovak that Horacek asked such an asinine question.

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