Oklahomo Trio comes to Prague

The highlight of this Monday’s Alchemy was definitely the Oklahomo Trio. OT is actually a duo consisting of Swedes Ida and Henrik. They bill themselves as “Sweden’s best acoustic heartbreakers.” Their songs are sparse and simple; Ida projects quirky lyrics in a voice vaguely reminiscent of Bjork in her quieter moments, a voice full of conflict: both haunted and haunting, always on the verge of breaking down yet consistently uplifting. Henrik’s guitar provides Ida’s voice with a suitably bittersweet landscape to roam in. The OT website has a generous selection of their work available for streaming and/or downloading.

No worries if you missed out on Monday – OT is the latest addition to Prague’s expat community and has been working on setting up gigs around town in the near future. They also plan on being regular contributors to Alchemy’s open mic segment.

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  1. OT were indeed way cool. I must post something about them, and about Richard Katrovas who was also pretty neat, but in a different way.

    Being that I'm not finding an email address for you here, I'll give you the links you asked for:

    Sestina #1

    Sestina #2

    bishop    Feb 9, 14:24    #
  2. Thanks Joey. I played I'm the real Bin Wang for Marika and Lenny at Provokator and they got a real kick out of it. Marika dubbed it "anti-folk" which I think is a pretty accurate description.
    Patrick    Feb 10, 12:17    #
  3. Yeah they did have a powerful stage presence. And yes she has a lovely voice that Id love to hear again. Im glad to hear that they will come to the Alchemy in the future. My only request is they practice their pieces more.
    It is good for there to be a more international flavor to the performers. Lets face it, almost all the readers are from North America. Scotch Crhis being a notable exception. Sweden on the other hand. Many Swedes have a better vocabulary than most Americans but they have a most unique historical point of view. Here here for OK Trio. Are they a couple or not?

    -Chris – who read the unlikely carcrash story last time
    Christof    Feb 10, 13:05    #
  4. I think that last question is best left unanswered – it gives them an added dash of mystique.

    I agree that it’s great to have other nationalities representing. However, you forgot to mention Rinat, a Russian who reads and sings semi-regularly (sometimes in his mother tongue) at Alchemy.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I’m the only Canuck performing regularly at the open mics. I would like to see some of my fellow countryfolk in the spotlight – especially Newfs!
    Patrick    Feb 10, 13:35    #