Drift archives, featuring Jeni Swerdlow, Tony Wrafter, & Katus Young

I just came across a CD that my friend and first guitarist, Chris Parsons, made from a MiniDisc recording of a couple of gigs I did when I started performing a couple of years ago. There are two shows – the first took place at Poeticka Hospudka Balbinova (Balbinova 6, Praha 2), where percussionist Jeni Swerdlow and I, calling ourselves Drift, opened for Katus Young.

Balbinova is a cool bar, full of character and is a great place to catch some very unique Czech acts such as Jim Cert, Jiri Schmitzer, and Vasek Koubek. Katus is an English-Czech singer-songwriter who doesn’t come to Prague often enough. Tony Wrafter (who has appeared on albums by Tricky and Smith and Mighty) accompanies her on flute and saxophone.

Tony played sax on one of the pieces Jeni and I did that night, and I feel privileged that he took the time to do so. I should also mention that Katus rocked the house.

The second took place at the old Thirsty Dog, where Chris, Jeni and I (again as Drift) opened for Stan the Man, Prague’s premier bluesman.

The quality is no flaming hell, but it is kind of a trip to hear how much my delivery has changed after having worked with different musicians. Listening to these performances now I can understand why a fair number of people asked me how much of an influence Jim Morrison was – something that used to make me twitch and grind my teeth, as much as I respect his work as a performer and, yes, as a poet.

At the same time, the recording also dissuades me from singing any of my work. But I’ll definitely keep the roars, yells and screams.

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  1. Oh, man, I’ve only been to Balbinova two or three times, but I was there that night. Asses were well and truly kicked all around.
    bishop    Feb 10, 17:07    #