David Kraus at the Concert for Asia

I watched a bit of the Benefit Concert for Asia on Ocko yesterday. It took place at Lucerna (Vodickova 36, Prague 1) and Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers (a swing orchestra) hosted it, providing accompaniment for several top Czech singers and actors. The show was fairly entertaining until the end, when David Kraus and his band took the stage.

David Kraus is the son of actor and talk show host Jan Kraus. The only reason David’s getting any TV time and stage time at major events is clearly because of his dad. The first time I saw and heard him was on his pop’s TV show Break Free Please (Uvolnete se, prosim). He and his band hacked and stumbled a godawful version of Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun. To his credit, at least he didn’t muff the lyrics.

Last night they closed the benefit show with a song called Pateticka (Pathetic). By way of introduction, David mumbled that the band had debated whether or not the song was too dark for the event, decided it was, but then decided to perform it anyway. He apologised to the crowd and the band launched into the song. The song lived up to its title, as David growled and pouted and snarled his way through it, looking as if his pop had forced him to be a part of the benefit.

David can sing fairly well, but has almost no stage presence. The meagre drop of presence that he’s got comes from the strain of giving the impression that he’s only happy when it rains. David Kraus actually looks and sounds like he could be a very interesting performer. however, he’s got to drop the so-hard-done-by act. Perhaps he could take a hint from his band’s drummer, who looked absolutely thrilled to be playing the benefit last night. Then again, most rock drummers make goofy faces when they’re banging the skins – Charlie Watts being the first exception that comes to mind.

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