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On Wednesday night I went to Guru Independent Music Club (Rokycanova 29, Prague 3) to see Kvetoslav Dolejsi (article in Czech), King Vitamin, and a folk-rock singer whose name I didn’t catch. It’s worth mentioning that the singer and his band will be playing Guru on February 25 on a lo-fi night that will feature Ejhle, a very cool noise-pop band.

Guru Independent Music Club

On entering Guru, you find yourself in a small games room with two pinball machines and a foosball table. Walk through that room and turn left to enter a charming dimly lit bar/lounge area, with couches, and wooden chairs and tables. Various junkshop paintings and curios line the brick walls. An odour that is a bit ripe, manky and full of smoke hangs heavy in the air. A bit of hip skank attitude prevails, but the overall atmosphere is laidback.

Keep going straight from the games room, past toilets that smell like a Toi-Toi porta-potty overflowing with human waste and several litres of Calvin Klein’s Obsession for Men, and head downstairs to Guru’s club.

While I’ve had a good time down there, I find its layout awkward. There are tables, couches and easy chairs on the sunken dance floor, and booths behind the performance space. Stand in the wrong place in the pit and you’ll find yourself getting blasted in the head with dry ice vapour. Not that you would notice with all the cigarette and spliff smoke smogging up the place.

Guru seems better suited for its DJ nights (a healthy dose of indies and alternative ‘80’s and ‘90’s nights), as the DJ booth is elevated well above the dance floor, like an observation deck. Across the way, also overlooking the pit, are a couple of semi-secluded balconies, each with a table and chairs.

The club earns points for its decent-sized bar, reasonable prices, adequate service, and the overall vibe. On top of that, the program lives up to the “Independent” part of its moniker, featuring an interesting line up of new and established artists. In spite of its flaws, Guru is definitely worth a visit.

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