Learning to snowboard in Janske Lazne. Get me offline now!

I’m in Trutnov, chilling at a friend’s place after a great day of snowboarding with Jitka up in Janske Lazne. We’re both beginners, but I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on it, especially since I’m using a much better, shorter and lighter board than I was during my first attempt at the sport two weeks ago.

I’ve spent many wonderful weekends in the Krkonose mountains, especially Janske Lazne, over the last seven years. Every time I come up here in the winter, for some reason I feel more Canadian than usual. Sounds strange, perhaps, but it’s true. I believe it has something to do with all the snow – of course, all we get in Prague these days are relatively light dustings that quickly turn to slush.

The only reason I’m online is due to a few fairly important emails that I had to send out, and I figured why not throw up a blog entry as well. Important emails to send on a Saturday? Well, actually, the most important will probably end up getting sent on Monday morning. I’ve really got to stop working on weekends.

I’ll sign off with a couple of great articles concerning our too-much-information era. I got the links from Richard Body’s blog. Here’s the first. And here’s the second.

Enough – the local pub awaits…

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