NOD slam, Stanislav Gross, Superstar semifinals, Bear English Theatre at Alchemy

So far, my day has been an exercise in putting things off: getting out of bed, going to the gym, getting work done, and putting my thoughts in order for a decent blog entry.

I forced myself awake a few hours ago, aching somewhat from snowboarding – the challenge is no longer getting down the hill, now it’s getting up the hill on the poma lift without falling. As for this blog entry, I’m going to try something different today – a few bite-sized entries:

NOD Slam

I just spent some time organising the upcoming poetry slam at NOD. As I expected, the biggest challenge so far has been convincing a number of Prague’s excellent expat poets that they should participate. I totally understand where they are coming from – the term “slam” certainly conjures up images a no-holds barred battle environment that is much different from Alchemy’s laid-back atmosphere. I anticipate the same reservations from the Czech poets as well. Perhaps I should tweak the tried-and-true format so that it’s a bit less demanding. Any advice on this is more than welcome.

Prime Minister Stanislav Gross

I am sick and bloody tired of the Stanislav Gross affair. What good is the opposition and the press doing as they piss themselves over where the Czech PM got the money for his flat, and his wife’s business dealings ? This is all glass houses to me. Of course, investigations should continue, but the way this is becoming the scandal of the century is getting ridiculous. Corruption at the top of the Czech corporate and political heap? Jesus Christ, next they’ll be telling us that Prague cabbies are ripping off tourists??

Cesko Hleda Superstar: the semis have begun

The first round of the Cesko Hleda Superstar semifinals took place last night and the results were very satisfactory: Vlasta Horvat and Michal Hudcek, the only two contestants who could actually sing (let alone get the words and pronunciation right), will go on to the finals. It was kinda hard to watch the judges crush Lukas Janota (one of them actually said something like, “Do whatever you want with your life, just don’t sing.”), but it was even harder to listen to him caterwaul his way through R. Kelly’s I Believe I can Fly.

The Bear English Theatre at Alchemy

Tonight, for the first time since the very first Alchemy, we’ll have a theatre group as a feature. The Bear English Theatre, consisting of Marc Cram, David Fisher, Chris Crawford, Stephan Evonuk, and Noelle Trkulja, will perform at Tulip Cafe tonight to promote a regular weekly improvised soap opera called Passion in Prague. Starting March 19, PiP will run every Saturday at Kava Kava Kava (click on “Provozna u Andela” for the Lidicka location’s web site – Lidicka 42, Prague 5). Oh yeah, and I’ll be hosting Alchemy tonight as well.

Now, maybe I’ll make it to the gym after all.

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