Bear-prov English Theatre; Marijuana chicken

Last night’s Alchemy was a blast. There was a great variety of performers during a very lively open mic and the Bear-prov English Theatre did an excellent job of setting the evening’s high-energy pace and tone. The Bear-prov crew will be performing every Saturday night at the Kava Kava Kava at Lidicka 42 (near Andel metro station) from March 19 onward.

In other news, some kid in Prague decided to treat his mom to some of his stash by seasoning her chicken with it. His secret blend of chronic and spices landed ma in the hospital. This little prank could get him five years in prison for illegal possession and production of drugs. Is the guilt that he’s probably feeling right now not punishment enough? There’s been more than enough legislative blah-blah and dull Czech reggae songs about marijuana in this country: legalise it already, for Chrissake!

Feb 22, 10:12 (Filed under: Culture, Other )

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