A Fashion Disaster at NOD; KB robbers caught

Last night I and several other amateur models hit the catwalk at Universal NOD for Provokator.org’s “Beg, Borrow, or Steal: A Fashion Disaster.”

Along with a fashion show, there were a number of videos and some poetry, courtesy of Chris Crawford (appearing in the Bear Improv Theatre, which will be performing every Saturday as of March 19 at KavaKavaKava’s Lidicka Street location – Lidicka 42), Bonita Rhoades (who is putting together a womyn-only Alchemy that will take place on Monday March 21), King Vitamin (opening for Selfbrush at Roxy on Monday March 21), and myself (performing with Jeff Stroud as Drift featuring E.C. Sound at Tulip Cafe on Friday March 18).

It was a trip having so much space to move around on while belting out Progress Report. I couldn’t really feel what the band backing me was playing – hopefully it gelled. Well, the audience seemed to dig it, as well as all the other poetry, so we definitely accomplished something.

As far as the modelling went, I didn’t get anything all that interesting to wear – just a second-hand shirt with a slightly worn and rather dirty collar, black safety-pin cufflinks and a couple of Provokator patches. But to make up for that, I got a free cut and style courtesy of Marketa from Tribo. I got something like a mohawk with white-tipped peaks. I’m sure I’ll have photos soon, but I’m not sure I want to display them – when photos of the hair models were being taken, I had a kinda lousy eye make-up job that I got fixed up after the fact.

Anyway, the energy back stage was friendly and chaotic. I probably should have just gone out and enjoyed the show after doing my piece, but ended up chain-smoking and chatting with KV.

One comment about the NOD Cafe (where there will be a bilingual – Czech & English – open mic happening on March 13, start 5 pm): as cool as the place is, the management should give one of their bartenders a serious attitude adjustment, preferably by firing his ass. He’s about 6’1” (190 cm) tall, slim, and has spiked brown hair. He’s also a rude, arrogant SOB who does nothing to earn tips, let alone his wage. Fortunately, the rest of the staff there is cool.

Damn, this is probably my cattiest entry to date‚?? gotta get the glamour outta my system‚??

Here’s an update on the Komercni Banka robbery I mentioned in my last entry: police have apprehended two suspects, both of them Slovak. Yes, you read that correctly – Czech police actually managed to catch something other than a cold!

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