Shivanam at Palac Akropolis, February 12

On my last trip to Strelice U Brna, I met a young ponytailed cat named Kamil while I was killing time waiting for my train back to Prague. We got on quite well and while chatting over beers and spliffs, he told me that he’s a percussionist with collective called Shivanam that plays what I would call “Tearoom music”: a highly rhythmic, trance-inducing, soul-calming, mind-enhancing blend of guitars, tablas, didjeridoo, djembe, samples, vocals, horns, violin, and much more that aspires to soothe and elevate the spirit.

Well, that’s what the sound samples at their website bring to mind. Shivanam is playing Palac Akropolis (Kubelikova 27, Prague 3) this Saturday, February 12. No start time is listed, but it’s safe to assume that it will be 8 pm. Entry: CZK 120 in advance, CZK 150 at the door. It sounds like a full-on festival of activity in one room, with music, video projection, fire juggling and guest Bakhtar. Breakbeat and drum ‘n’ bass DJ’s will keep all-night party people grooving and skanking after the show in Akropolis’ Mala Scena and Divadelni Bar.

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