Dog Eat Blog learns a few new tricks

Anybody who’s been stopping by on a regular basis may have noticed that I’ve been pumping up DEB’s right-hand column over the last few days.

I’ve added a handy Bravenet calendar to the blog. The public can post to this calendar, so I invite and encourage anyone who has an upcoming concert, performance, party, speech, demonstration, meeting, etc. in Prague to make use of it.

Under this, fellow bookworms can see what I’ve been taking out of the Prague City Library (for those interested, you need a visa to get a card). It’s fairly well-stocked with English-language books (almost entirely fiction and poetry) so I’m pretty happy with it. However, I really miss all the variety of big city libraries, like the ones in Ottawa, especially the University of Ottawa. To me, buying books in Prague is a luxury, in spite of the good selection and prices offered at the Globe, Shakespeare & Son’s, Big Ben, and Anagram. But I digressā??

If you check the buttons below my list of links, you’ll see that I’ve joined a few blog rings. So far, the most interesting of these has been Expat Express. When I clicked the arrows beside the EE button, I was pleased to discover that I’ve got a cool neighbour to the right at Bob’s yer uncle. Definitely worth a read, and be sure to check BYU’s links as well – Glitter for Brains is a riot!

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