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After a weekend spent doing legal proofreading and my first day working on an exciting new project (translation of a book on the Russia-Chechnya conflict – more on that when the job is finished), I’m feeling a little wrecked, somewhat distracted, and not up to writing anything big today. So I reckoned why not indulge in a bit of incestuous plugging of the site that hosts this blog: Prague Spot.

The main things I’d like to highlight are the excellent articles that PhDr. Vladimir Czumalo, CSc., has written for the site. Start with his article Prague – a city beyond compare for a solid, prettily-written introduction to the city. Follow this up with A brief history of Prague, a concise, yet comprehensive, look at Prague from its birth, through its youth, right up to its present-day station as a grand old dame – the mother, in fact – of cities. Dr. Czumalo has also prepared a fascinating trip along the Royal Road.

If this all sounds like second-rate ad copy, well, it is. Blame it on one of my former employers* – I’m still trying to ditch all the bad writing habits that whoring my talents advertising drilled into my head.

Anyway, the point is, do check out these articles. They really are good reads (I should know – I translated them) and they’ve certainly made meandering through the centre of Prague a lot more enjoyable as its become far more personal.

*From one old fraud to another – sorry Graham!

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