Taking a social detour South of Narodni; chillout2newyork

Note: I refuse to call the quarter of Prague that is south of Narodni by the asinine acronym that a certain contingent of the expat community decided to give it. Call me curmudgeonly, call me cantankerous, but, goddamn it, nobody actually uses the term.

My socialising hasn’t just taken a back seat to work, it’s been strapped in, the car doors have all been locked and the windows have been sealed shut and covered in black primer. The work that’s driving me is one-track and pretty much non-stop – though I’ve allowed myself a few pit stops here and there.

Last night, for instance, after three very productive, and rather mindnumbing, hours spent going over my translation of the first chapter of the book with the editor (another Jitka, who I’ll refer to as Jitka C), I stopped in at U Zpevacku for a much-deserved beer. Jitka C & I had been working in the non-smoking section of Cafe Louvre (Narodni 20, Prague 1), and goddamn was I jonesing hard for smoke and suds.

So, I spent a pleasant half-hour or so at UZ chatting with Mike and watching Apocalypse Now – sans sound (though I caught myself lip-synching bits of Robert Duvall’s “Napalm” speech), but nevertheless captivating.

Having recovered somewhat, I started heading home. On the way to the metro, I decided to pop into Nebe (aka Iron Door aka Zelezne Dvere – Kremencova 10, Prague 1) to see if they still host indie nights on Thursdays. Not only is Panika still happening, Nebe’s also got CZK 18 beer from 7 to 11 pm from Monday to Friday. Ok, so it’s 0,4l instead of a proper half-litre, but it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

It seemed like there was a potential big night in the works – all the couches and easy chairs were spoken for, the crowd cool and pretty (unfortunately, everyone seemed a little too aware of these attributesā??), the music sounded good (though the only voice I recognised was Morrisey’s, something from his last album – wonder if the Panika folk have been playing any of that good old Manchester sound?), and the bar staff as gracious and quick with a smile as ever.

Only complaint – the camp LikeOmyGawd! hipster that violated my headspace with blahblah about some crap musical. At least, it was crap according to LOG!’s account, which was thrice-repeated in the time it took me to drink a girly-sized beer and smoke two cigarettes (yeah, yeah, a couple of baby steps forward and several giant leaps back in the neverending saga of my giving up).

Shifting gears: in my quest to find good music to translate to, live365.com led me to this beauty of a downtempo station: chillout2newyork.com. It’ll set off fireworks, rainbows, little fluffy clouds and a whole lotta sweet ambient, trip-hoppy acid-jazzy goodness in the centre of your head. It’s also excellent for translating.

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