Making a South Park cameo

Remember the Wu-name generator? Mine’s Violent Samurai when I use my middle name, Vulgar Desperado when I don’t, both of which are kinda lame – I was hoping for something with “Kwon” in it.

Taking things to the next level, after renaming yourself you can recreate yourself as a South Park character with this sweeeet Flash application. The following two are, I suppose, Then and Now depictions of me as an English teacher in Brno and as a freelance city gadabout (well, until a couple of weeks ago):

(By way of Mace Warrenton’s blog, The Diary of an A**hole).

Added bonus: another Internet radio tip – stop by The Delicious Lo-Fi Lounge and languish in lush laid-back lovey-groovy downtempo chill.

Apr 9, 18:07 (Filed under: Web watch )

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