Alchemy needs your help

Today, I received this email from the good folks at Alchemy. Please pass all links and suggestions on to Tycho* at

Alchemy is planning a major website redesign and would like to collect links to websites of other poetry readings, open mics or performance series around the world. We don’t think that Google can be relied on to find the coolest venues! You are!

Get to your browsers and think of all the international creative venues you’ve performed in or visited during your travels. See if they have a website we can link to and let us know!

The only conditions are:

  • It must be an ongoing regular creative venue (featuring readings, music performance, open mics etc.)
  • It must be in English language or bi-lingual (English + local language)
  • It must show the current schedule either on the site, through a contact person or a related link.

We thank you for your participation in creating the first real poet’s travel guide.

*aka Ken Nash

Apr 12, 16:54 (Filed under: Culture, Prague events )

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  1. Patrick
    Dropped a line to Ken about Hammer and tongue.

    Because I was bored today I tried the Wu Name generator. Without the middle name I get ‘Merry Artist’. With I get ‘Friendly Ambassador’... Given my grumpy state of mind at the moment, fat chance on the latter… When drunk, the former might hold a certain amount of truth.

    Richard    Apr 13, 09:56    #
  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for contacting Ken.

    There are other Wu-name generators on the web – you might wanna try one of those :’) I just posted the link to what I understand is the original one.

    Sorry to hear you’re in a mood – try the South Park flash thang, that oughta cheer you up.


    Patrick    Apr 13, 11:19    #
  3. Patrick,
    Crikey! the expression ‘in a mood’ reminds me of when I was about 12 when those hormones were raging, and my brothers would wind me up by taunting me and using that same expression. ‘Richard’s in a mood’. Ever so rational I would scream back ‘I’m not in a mood!.... I think your expression has done me a power of good. Thanks!

    So I think I’m just going to get over myself.

    The SP thing be fun! Lots of potential for alteregos there.

    And on the SP thing, you might find this amusing:

    It’s election time here in the UK. I’m not overly hopeful on this one. If the tories win, that’s going to be it, I’m out of here.

    Richard    Apr 13, 12:32    #