Poezie and Provocation at NOD; Think (Again) Magazine

NOD poetry open mic

As much as I can’t stand Think Again’s trite opinion pieces and party photos of fucked-up trust-fund babies way-vin’ their hands in the ay-r like they just don’t cay-re, I have to give credit where credit is due: it’s a pretty decent city guide, and it’s got Diesel Sweeties . (Oh yeah, double thumbs-up on the website too!)

Anyway, the following is verbatim from its URBANITE section:

A growl, a scoff, a lilting turn of phrase; the poise, the stare, the forcing of image on the crowd-pleasures a reader misses when reading a poet’s words on a page. While distance can serve the written word, purity is often found in the link of voice and language. Come share your words and/or support at the ProvokatorNOD open mic.
Sunday April 24, 7:30 pm – Roxy NOD Cafe (Dlouha 33 , Prague 1).

Damn, that’s some fine copy. I believe I know who wrote it – hopefully she’ll take a bow with a “Spot-on comment”.

I’ve heard that Ellyn Maybe is to be performing at this open mic, which makes me doubly sorry that I’m going to miss it (friends who were at the XX night at Alchemy tell me she kicked ass).

Note: I stand corrected (see “Spot-on comments” below) – Vera Chase is going to be at NOD this Sunday… Perhaps Ellyn Maybe as well.

Think links

As you may have seen (if not, let me save you a little surfing time), the TA website is nothing but a full-screen business card with links to CZ and EN pdf’s of their media kit. However, Keith and Jeffree (the dudes who created and published Think V. 1.0) have a Think website that is worth checking out. Their archive of Prague issues gets me all nostalgic, especially the works of my first-ever alter-ego, Miles (talk about trite opinion pieces… Christ, I he was a cynical bastard back then).

Oh how I wish this city had an English-language magazine with balls! If anybody reading this has got back copies that they would like to give me (after all, it was “Always Zdarma Free”) , I’d appreciate it – Jitka threw out recycled all but one of my copies during our last move. Whether or not she did so intentionally remains unclear (the original Think was a Love it or Hate it magazine; now it’s more Take it or Leave it).

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  1. Patrick,

    Yes I know the date is wrong and believe me I had a few moments of steaming. The time, however, is correct. We pushed it back to 730 a couple weeks ago. Thanks for the post, and you know we will all be thinking of you and missing your words.


    P.S. Vera Chase is also reading, in Czech and English I believe, which should be fantastic.
    Bethany    Apr 21, 20:55    #
  2. oh yeah – I don’t know why I said Ellyn Maybe… Sorry about that.
    Patrick    Apr 22, 07:04    #
  3. Thanks for the kind words Miles! And we’re still publishing Think, but in Singapore this time, with Bangkok in the pipeline. I was in Prague in Sept. and met up with the Think Again crew, we’re still in touch, but they never send me the content to put on-line… a pity that!
    Well, if you still like seeing your stuff printed with ink, you can always send stuff my way… better to have more generic (ie global) stuff, than Prague specific, but I can always edit it ti fit the scene here…
    peace out,
    Jeffree    Apr 23, 23:55    #