The day after my last post, I got a call from Think Again asking me to do a piece on tattooing. I’d had the pleasure of writing an article on Prague’s tattooing scene for the Pill a couple of years ago. I’ll sum it up by saying that Prague is a good place to get a tattoo. The artists I met (Cheers Pornstar, Tarlio, Voky, Bryan, and my man Parba) are a good lot – as friendly as they are talented. I’m definitely due for another. Perhaps at the 7th Annual Prague International Tattoo Convention.

But this time around that’s about as much as I’ve got to give for an article right now. Here are a couple of shots from last year’s show (from the PITC website):
Inked-in HoneyEating sparks

And as I’m typing this Bethany’s telling me that the open mic at NOD is a success. Props to her and Chris Crawford for taking over. Hope I can make the next one.

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  1. Hey. Yes the Open Mic was an incredible success and everyone who performed and offered their support deserves big props, as well as the folks at the NoD, especially Petr Hrubes and the dilligent soundman, Vlado. We hope you can make the next one, too.

    bethany    Apr 25, 19:29    #