Roxy's last Climax

Looks like Roxy’s the place to be this Saturday: apparently April 30 will be the last night the club will be permitted to kick out the jams until the wee hours. After putting up with years of duts-duts-duts and zonked-out club kids puking and pissing and caterwauling under their windows in the wee hours of the morning, the club’s long time residential neighbours must be thrilled.

Man, am I ever glad that I was able to enjoy the place to its fullest. I don’t do house parties any more (I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve gotten old or the kids have gotten boring – must be the latter), and can’t say I miss them and all the bullshit that goes with them, but there’s a small part of me that’ll be sad to see it get sent to bed so early.

Anyway, I for one will not be ponying up the CZK 200 cover that gets you in for one last fling with what is soon to be formerly known as (arguably) the best club in Prague. I guess Radost FX gets exclusive rights to that title now, though personally I find that while it looks good, Radost sucks harder than a Perlova whore. It’s kind of a drag knowing that a group as cool as Thievery Corporation will have to stop at ten pm when they play Roxy (Dlouha 33, Prague 1) on July 7.

Speaking of things gone stale, I see that Underworld will be in town on July 13. Wait‚?? perhaps I’m being unfair. Perhaps they really didn’t mean to put on such a dull performance the last time they were in the Czech Republic (Creamfields 2003, I believe – which also sucked, even with good drugs. Very notable exception: DJ Shadow’s truly inspired set showed that the man was actually HAPPY to be in the CR).

I’m mentioning UW now because there are posters for the gig all over town already. They’ll be performing at Kolbenova Park, which is a shite place to see a show: every single seat, including the VIP, in the place offers a crap view, and the general admission area is covered in all sorts of rubble left over from the factories that once stood there. And I’m not just talking chunks of brick, I’m talking wires protruding from the ground.

Wow, am I ever crusty today‚?? well, I suppose I have a right to be considering a client had me up all night translating Powerpoint presentations and press releases in a last-minute rush job‚?? No, definitely no Roxy on Saturday, just a spliff and a flick or two.

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