Czechs rule hockey... for now

It didn’t take long for the “Hoorah” and “We are the champions” and “Great game, eh?” smses to start pouring in last night after last night’s big game. I caught a bit of the second period, but spent most of the night working. In retrospect, I have no regrets. One mate told me that it felt like the metro was going to come off the rails, and Jitka got smacked by what she said was a billboard (I think she meant a metro advert) being wielded by jubilant teenagers as they bellowed Czech hockey chants. Whatever it was the kids were wielding, Jitka said that she unwielded them of it pretty damn fast….

Ok, so maybe I took it a bit hard, even though I didn’t watch the match. Unfortunately this year I can’t fall back on the excuse that I could when the Czechs beat Canada in Nagano: A shootout ain’t hockey, it’s figure skating. In REAL hockey, a tie is settled in sudden-death overtime, no ifs, ands, buts, or candy-ass shootouts.

But, that’s obviously not an issue this time around. I was ashamed to hear that, as expected, the Canucks supposedly pitched their traditional swan song tantrum. Fighting certainly has its place in hockey, but not in international tournaments.

So, I suppose this means a year of grinning and bearing the wisecracks about my native land’s silver-coated hockey program. Easy enough, but the whole You’re from Canada? So, I guess you likeā?? ice hockey? / what do you think aboutā??ice hockey? / how do you likeā?? ice hockey? Hahaha routine gets really tired really fast.

Maybe I’ll just start telling them I’m into figure skating, for the soapy intrigue and spectacular falls, natch.

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  1. How much do tickets to a local game – between the two big teams cost? Season tickets? Also, are there more teams in Prague than the travel guides suggest?

    Cairo, moving to Prague soon
    Jeff    May 16, 21:38    #
  2. Hi Jeff,

    I can’t seem to find information on the price of tickets, and the two times I went to Pardubice (this year’s Extraliga champs) for matches, I didn’t have to pay. I’ll digress a bit and say that seeing an important match in Pardubice is a must. They have an excellent stadium (though the corridors do get rather cramped between periods), and when the home team wins, the house lights go down, the music starts up, the coloured lights start dancing, and the fans hurl packs of gingerbread onto the ice (Pardubice is known for its gingerbread).

    Ok, so, tickets… according to this very comprehensive and well-written article at The Hockey Rodent, the price of a single ticket at the Sazka Arena has gone up to USD 16 (around CZK 380).

    I believe that Sparta and Slavia are Prague’s only two hockey teams.

    Btw, if you’re moving here soon, do yourself a favour and deal with your Czech visa in Cairo…
    Patrick    May 17, 17:23    #
  3. Patrick,

    Thanks a lot.

    Jeff    May 17, 18:56    #
  4. Well if you need any help to prevent czech hockey fans from pestering you with their repetative jibes i’d be quite happy to help – with the aid of a small but powerful shot gun.

    I mean, I can’t pretend that British sports fans are even related to gentlemen – but I’ve never had any trouble with them. At least they are blind drunk by 11.30 and just vomit in the street then go home and slap their missus.

    So it’s about 10pm on Sunday night on a residential street in Zizkov, I get back from Southern Moravia, sick, tired and facing the prospect of a 15 work hour long Monday. It is suspiciously quiet. I figure that the Czechs must have lost. Shame.

    Then it started. From the 3 czech pubs on my street. The whooping, singing, screaming. ‘Aww that’s nice’ I beam.

    11.30 ‘Sweet, they must be happy, at least they’re making the most of it’

    12.30 ‘well can’t blame em for celebrating – they don’t win much’.

    1.30 am ‘wish i’d have brought those ear plugs when i was last in England’

    2.30am ‘okay maybe it’ll stop soon – they gotta get drunk and fall over soon right?’

    4 am ‘Thank fuck for…. snore

    6.30am (car horn) Beep beep be be beep beep be beep beep beep cesky cesky cesky whooooooooooo

    7am (as above)

    Monday night


    11.30pm Cesky cesky cesky

    2am whoooooooooooo cesky cesky cesky

    2.30am Fucking C*ts…. *snore

    4.30 am (gang of 6 men) Cesky cesky cesky whoooooooo whooooooooo whooooooo… national anthem follows…. whooooo whoooo whoooo

    5am Whooooooo whoooooooo cesky cesky cesky whoooooo whoooo whooooooo

    5.30 whoooooo bang bang (sound of car being kicked) whoooooooo.

    5.35 approach fridge to look for eggs to throw out of window. the sound fades down the street.

    Bastards. I hope they never win another thing in their lives.
    coco    May 18, 16:07    #
  5. Hey Coco, nice to hear from you! Oddly enough, considering how insane things got out in the burbs on New Years , the only sounds outside my flat were those of the occasional car passing by at a reasonable speed (no horns or flashing lights or braying drivers & passengers) and the wind rustling the leaves, weeds and trash outside.

    Now, if you’re willing to lend me that firearm to exterminate of all my inconsiderate fuckwit DIY-on-Sunday-morning neighbours, give me a date and a time and I’ll be there.
    Patrick    May 18, 18:31    #
  6. Well how powerful is your stereo? I have had experience of stopping those pesky DIYers before…..
    coco    May 19, 11:16    #
  7. Not all that powerful, unfortunately; I’ve just got one of those micro-systems. When a neighbour is DIY-ing I usually blast Ministry or something just as jarring – at least it’s a steady stream of something I enjoy listening to as opposed to intermittent bursts of drilling. Sometimes I just go up and give them hell in person.
    Patrick    May 23, 19:18    #