Movies, Star Wars, and Atmosphere

Time flies even faster when you’re having no fun?? But thanks to the wonderful American-owned movie-rental place near my flat I’ve been able to keep myself entertained with an alternative to casual surfing. All I seem to be renting these days have been comedies (all except for the most excellent Shaun of the Dead involving the same actors for some reason – Dodgeball, Starsky & Hutch, Anchorman) or quirky dramas (a couple of Charlie Kaufman flicks – Adaptation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind).

I’m looking forward to getting out tomorrow to see the last(?) of the Star Wars movies – I caught the second half of Episode II on TV a couple of nights ago and that really put me in a Star Wars frame of mind.

I had a hell of a time trying to explain all the relationships to Jitka, who had actually spent a day watching Episodes IV to VI with my sister’s boyfriend a few summers ago. I think she’s just making the effort to get to know it because she realizes that the whole franchise played a pretty major role in my childhood – from the movies through the Kenner toys (oh how I regret selling my Millenium Falcon to a neighbour for ten Canadian bucks… well, it seemed like a small fortune when I was, what, 12? I also remember having to scour every toy and department store in the city of Ottawa – with my parents’ help – to find a Greedo figure), to those great Burger King glasses. Looking at all today’s toys and gadgets and crap makes me feel old…

When I have gone out over the last couple of weeks, I’ve done my damndest to make up for lost time. This usually ends up with me fish-sleeping with an outraged belly over my beer, as was the case at Jitka’s birthday celebration at Atmosphere (Karolíny Sv?tlé 33, Prague 1) a couple of weeks ago. Charming, I know, but I had been up all of the previous night working. I’m just glad I made it until 2 a.m.

Atmosphere is an excellent bar and restaurant – not only are the drinks reasonably priced (CZK 30 for a half-litre of Hoegaarden or Stella Artois, CZK 24 for a half-litre of 12-degree Staropramen, CZK 99 Mojitos), they also serve massive portions of food. In addition to having eel on the menu (CZK 145 for a 200g serving – have yet to try it myself, but I have faith that it’s good), especially worthy of mention are the CZK 65 fried potato slices that come with three sizable bowls of chili, horseradish and garlic dip. One basket of these is enough to satisfy the munchies of three to four people.

On the two occasions I’ve been to Atmosphere, the service has been fast and friendly. After Jitka’s party, while we were settling up our waiter actually confessed to omitting a drink and a basket of potato slices from our bill, then told us that it was his fault and that we didn’t need to pay for it – a first in my almost nine years in this country.

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