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Cool down in the swimming pool in Podoli or Lhotka

Sep 6, 12:48 (Filed under: Advice, Sport in Prague )

Podoli swimming pool in Prague The weather forecast for next days in Czech Republic is again hot above-average. The window in my room is eastwards, so every morning, I know what I’m talking about. So why not visit Podoli swimming pool complex near Vltava river in these days.

This Prague’s swimming complex is the largest in town, and one will meet there mainly local people, but also small groups of tourists. Next to the pools, there is a large green area, which allures for a sunbathing nap. There is one 50 metres pool specialized for swimming and one smaller to get cold or fool around a bit. Plus one more pool for children. On the edge, there is a middle-sized water slide. I must say I haven’t tried the slide, I was too lazy to stand in a five-minutes-long queue.

The water is enjoyable, with 26 degrees. Even if the sky rapidly shifts round and it starts to rain, no need to leave. There is another 50 metres in-door swimming pool. In the showers, one can try free water vapour room. Other paid services include massage or sauna. As a refreshment, cold drinks (beer, too, of course) and some pizza and sandwiches are available in the buffet. I ate this pizza, it was good, but 30 CZK for one small slice was too much. The disadvantage is that springboards with different heights are forbidden to use to prevent from accident, because the smaller pool is filled with people under.

I think that the prices to get in are adequate. Being a student, I paid 80 CZK for one day pass, adults pay 140 CZK. In the afternoon, after 15 o’clock, the price for both the adults and students settles at 80 CZK. The place is opened daily from six to almost ten in the night. Actually, I think they only close on Christmas Eve and New Year’s day. The complex is located in the street Podolska 74, and the easiest way to get there is to take one of the trams no. 3, 16, 17, 21 from the centre to the stop Kublov, and walk on less than hundred metres. You can see it from the tram stop.

And don’t get scared if you see inside many topless girls :-).

Natural pool in Lhotka - part of Prague 4 Thanks Nicks’ advice you can also try natural pool Koupaliste Lhotka which you will find in Nad Koupadly Street in Prague 4 not far away from Podoli.
You can get there by tram No.3 to Cerny Kun station and continue by bus No.121 to V Zatisi station.

Lhotka pool is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 – 19:00 and the entrance fee is 50 CZK for adults, 20 CZK for children, free up to 3 years old.

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Playing free game of football on one of Vltava islands

Sep 2, 08:41 (Filed under: Sport in Prague, Advice )

Children Island Detsky ostrov playground  in Prague Have you ever had the feeling that you need some physical activity? A need to burn fat, spend some energy, cut loose with your friends and release some endorphins? Or just the need to get buff? In my case, I do, although it’s rare. No matter how long you’re staying in Prague, I have one tip.

Go to Tesco, buy a football for 80 CZK, take few friends and test the ball at Detsky ostrov (Childrens Island), where is a free public playground. It is located next to Strelecky Island on the street Janackovo Nabrezi in Smichov area and the opening hours are from 9 to 20 daily.

Same thing with a game of basketball. Enjoy it!

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Bawag Bank Grand Prix – next run in Prague

Aug 29, 17:00 (Filed under: Sport in Prague, Advice )

Map of Prague run Bawag Bank Grand Prix Do you love running? Do you love Prague? Connect those two together and join the 11th international Prague Grand Prix on 10th September 2006!

The Bawag Bank Grand Prix is a part of bigger running series, which includes also Prague International Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. The run itself, for the 4th time this year, is opened to the wide public, not to professional runners only. There are two separate events – 10 km Metro men’s run and 5 km Adidas women’s run. These two are followed by 10 km Hilton Barman run and 10 km Embassy Championship.

Let us focus on the Adidas and Metro run, which are being favoured more and more each year. Start and finish are the same for both – the centre of Prague, namely Staromestske namesti -Old Town Square. The only difference is that women turn back earlier than men do (for further info see the enclosed map). The women’s run starts on 10th of September at 10:30 a.m., men set off hour and a half later.

Where to sign in? The less complicated way to do so is to come right to the Marathon expo at Wenceslas Square. It will be opened from 6th -9th September, each day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (on 9th September even to 10 p.m.!). Of course, you can also email (, fax (224 923 355) or snail mail (Zahoranskeho 3, 120 00 Praha 2) the registration form (attached). This may, however, take quite a long time (especially by the snail mail).

The registration fee is 300 CZK / 10 Euro. It can either be paid cash in the Marathon expo (definitely the best variant), by your credit card or via transfer from your bank account.
Account number if you pay in CZK: 4219500008, bank code: 0400
Account number for payment in Euros: 4219500040, bank code: 0400
Bank code for payment from abroad (SWIFT): ZIBACZPP
If you pay in Euros, the IBAN must be included: CZ57 0400 0000 0042 1950 0040
What does the registration fee include? A starting fees, of course; a backpack and a T-shirt from the partners of the PIM; refreshment during and after the run; free massages and, in case you finish the run, a medal!

You can pick up your packsack with everything essential (a T-shirt, your start number and a chip) in the Marathon expo from 6th to 9th September; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and on the 10th September from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m.

Are there any special premises to be satisfied? Not really. As previously mentioned, the Grand Prix is opened to the wide public. Therefore, all you have to do to be able to compete with world-known athletes is to be 15 years +.

If you are a sporty soul do not hesitate to join in. Or, in case you do not feel like running, just come to take in the special atmosphere and enjoy the programme prepared for passers-by (e.g. the music festival).

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Going for a good cup of coffee at Old Town Square

Aug 25, 09:44 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes, Advice )

Prague Church of Our Lady before Tyn picture Do you like these tiny and curved streets in the centre of Prague? One can get easily lost there for a moment. However, these streets have their witchcrafts. They hide and show many interesting sites. We just need to explore them.

When i moved to Prague some time ago, I spent a lot of time just wanderring the streets. I was lucky enough to find a place that i’ve been visiting since. It’s called Tynská Literary Café and it is located few steps behind the Church of Our Lady before Tyn in Prague’s Old Town square on the street Týnská 6.

There is a well-known bookstore and a summer garden with comfortable straw chairs as well. The cafe is opened daily until 23. It is often crowded and the prices are more than friendly. There is a perfect mix of law and philosophical faculty students, along with adults, tourists, exchange students and foreigners living in Prague all sharing the passion for books. I don’t, I like the atmosphere, people and the service, though.

When i’m around with someone, we always pop in for a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

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Low-cost and favourable car rental in Prague

Aug 9, 17:29 (Filed under: Advice, Road tripping )

When I’m travelling abroad, one of the things I miss except my bed and food is driving a car. That is not a big reason to go rent a car, but if you plan a trip somewhere around Czech Republic or even abroad while you’re staying in Prague, a car rental might be a good choice. Again, our ultimate phrase is low budget.

If you need a car for a day, and if you’re not particular about a model, and its special features, a good choice is Smart ForTwo from SIXT Rent a Car company. If you book it on-line (, the prices start at 190 CZK including 100 km, which, if you don’t leave town, is enough for a day. Other features, such as loss damage waiver, additional driver or personal accident insurance are optional. This one is the cheapest i found and the pick up place is to advantage in the centre, at Hilton hotel.

An alternative, with higher prices, but still cheaper than its rivals and with many more car models available is AA-Auto Rentcar company, Zelený Pruh 95/97, Praha 4 ( Here I was attracted by a special offer on classy VW Touareg for 1599 CZK/day without taxes. However, this price is not final, one must add charges for insurance, radio, air-conditioning and a value added tax of 19% to it. Plus, the car must be rented at least for 3 days. Finally, we arrive at a price of around 7000 CZK for three days. Plus gas and maybe some optional equipment.

This price is still less than other car rentals. I hope this inspired you. Happy driving!

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The best exchange money service in the centre of Prague

Aug 4, 18:27 (Filed under: Advice )

It still applies that Czech economy is so-called cash economy. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, one needs ’money in hands’ to pay. Although ATMs (in Czech called bankomat) are usually at every corner, it might happen that one needs to exchange the currency. In general, banks offer lower rates and they usually have commission as well. One also has to be careful when exchanging money with strangers in the streets. My advice is not to do it at all. You might be easily cheated on with fake money.

More convenient way is to exchange money at an exchange office. Here, be careful, too, because rates and commissions vary a lot. Before giving away your money, first ask, how much you will get in return to avoid any misunderstandings. Results of my small research is that exchange office Alfa Prague (Na Příkopě 23, Praha 1) offers the best rates for both buy and sell without any commission (07/25/06 1 EUR BUY – 28.00 CZK SELL – 28.65 CZK). If anyone knows any other exchange place in the centre with better rates, please, let me know.

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