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Vinohradske Vinobrani – Grape Harvest Festival

Sep 13, 10:22 (Filed under: Prague events )

Taste young wine in Vinobrani Again this year, and for the eleventh time in a row, Prague district Vinohrady is about to celebrate grape harvesting on Friday September 21. This open air event will take place both at Namesti Miru square and Jiriho z Podebrad, and also at Havlickovy sady.

A market place will be built at Namesti Miru (in front of the Church of St. Ludmila), and wide range of events will be prepared for visitors: stalls will be offering different wine products like burcak (young wine), exhibitions of traditional medieval skills and crafts will be ready as well as several art performances. It all starts at 14:00. In the evening, live concerts are prepared.

It is said that this year the festival will be much different than previous years. Havlickovy Sady, the park around Grebovka, will play a major part as the whole area will host the celebration. For wine lovers, there is a large-scale program prepared, including wine tastings. Namesti Jiriho z Podebrad will also take a significant part in the whole event as it offers various singing, dancing, and swordplay performances.

No matter which place you decide to go to, be prepared to drink vast amounts of burcak there.

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1620 - Battle of White Mountain Reconstruction

Sep 11, 10:30 (Filed under: Prague events )

Next weekend, on September 15 and 16, we will remind one event that happened in 1620 on a hillside just outside Prague and that every Czech student has learned in detail, the Battle of White Mountain. This battle actually happened in November, but the tradition is to reconstruct it earlier, probably because it’s warmer now.

So on Saturday, 2 pm, the battle will begin. Whereas in the original battle, up to 50 thousands soldiers fought, this time, around a thousand soldiers and dozens of horse riders and cannons will struggle, all in period costumes, and it should last for an hour (the real battle last only 2 hours). All these will be accompanied with a traditional market, musicians, dancers, performances and shows of live style and training of common soldiers, etc. One can come and try to wear armour, or practice shooting on a target. The event will take place on a flat plain near Obora Hvezda. It is easy to get there by tram (no. 15, 22, or 25) or by bus.

What happened and where? The Battle of White Mountain was an early battle of the Thirty Years’ war where protestant Bohemian Estates’ army was defeated by catholic Hapsburg army, soon afterwards, 27 Prague leaders were executed at the Old Town Square, protestants fled and freedom of religion in Bohemian lands came to an end.

The aim of the reconstruction is to resemble the real event as much as possible. After all, this might be more interesting than seeing a historical war movie in TV.

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Prague Autumn 2007 – international music festival

Sep 3, 16:11 (Filed under: Culture, Prague events )

Prague Autumn is an international music festival, which was for the first time held 17 years ago, in 1991. During those years it has become an important event in the world of classical music, the festival has presented a number of excellent philmarmonic orchestras and soloists from the whole Europe and world.

Prague Autumn 2007 is held from 12th of September till 1st of October. It will offer about 20 concerts of high-quality classical music. Beside one, which will be in Karlovy Vary, all of them take place in Prague, in Rudolfinum. Rudolfinum is situated in Jana Palacha Square, which is close to Metro station Staroměstská, green line.

This year, festival will be opened with a concert of traditional Czech music featured by Vienna Radio Symphonic Orchestra and by a prestigious Czech viola player Jitka Hosprová. Among other highlights could be mentioned a show of conductor Valerij Gergijev with Rotterdam Philmarmonic Orchestra or that one of Babemberg Symhonic Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Nott. And there will be many other interesting concerts, so every lover of classical music should be able to choose something special to visit.

Tickets can be bought in Rudolfinum and some other places. You can find more informations in English about this event here, there is a detailed schedule of concerts and also list of places where you can buy tickets.

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International Folklore Festival (Prague Fair)

Aug 30, 18:05 (Filed under: Culture, Prague events )

If you found yourselves in the centre, mainly around Ovocny Trh (the Fruit Market) these days, you surely noticed a lot of folk stuff. Halfway between Na Prikope street and Old Town Square near Estates theatre and Celetna street, the international folklore festival – Prague Fair, takes place. Last year it was a very successful project, and people seem to have interest in handing over and sharing folklore, as a part of each country’s history, heritage, and legacy. It is the fourth event of this kind, and over a thousand artists from 25 countries were invited to perform their country’s tradition.

Until September 2, from two pm to ten pm, traditional clothes, dances, music or handicrafts will be shown. A cherry on the cake is said to be a group from China, which will perform their traditional dragons during the parade. The fair doesn’t have to be a passive activity for anyone, visitors can try to paint on the glass, make candles, become a wheeler in a pottery, or pencil something on silk. After you arrive, don’t forget to exchange your money for the special currency (Prague grosch) used in the fair. The rate is 30 CZK for 1 grosch. Seeing all these attractions is this year again free of charge.

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Celebration of 650th Anniversary of Charles Bridge

Jun 25, 14:42 (Filed under: Prague events )

Charles Bridge with the Old Town Bridge Tower It was July 9, 1357 when Emperor Charles IV. laid the first and foundation stone of the new bridge in Prague, which later became known as Charles bridge, a part of the Prague Castle panorama and the icon of the town, and while July 9 is getting closer, Prague is preparing to celebrate its 650th anniversary. What we can expect to see are street theatre performances, battles in period costumes, medieval markets, or concerts. All these historical events are supposed to go chronologically from the medieval times to present. The program will take place not only on Charles Bridge but also at Kampa, pontoons under the bridge, nearby neighbourhood, and also on Vltava river.

However, July 9 is Monday, therefore, the main celebration will happen on Sunday, July 8, starting at 14.00 at the Old Town Square where a hundred fully armoured knights will show a skirmish. This is the first tournament of knights, and is meant to honour the bridge. Few hours later, there will be second tournament to win the women hearts and gain honour. This will turn the square into the jousting arena. The final battle will start at 18, when two armies full of hoplites and other swordsmen fight until we have the winner. Every tournament starts with the bell of the astronomical clock. Accompanying events include craft rooms such as blacksmith, pottery, heraldry, coining, or basketry. All these supported with medieval music, and dances.

The final part of the celebration starts at midnight with the ghost hour (we will see a headless Templar riding the streets, a magician, etc.) when Prague legends resurrect. It will continue with swordplay, dancing, or fire juggling, all until 5:31 when the original cornerstone was laid, and it will be blessed. The program ends at six in the morning with the early church service on behalf of Charles Bridge in the church of St. Francis of Assisi.

Celebration of the 650th anniversary of Charles Bridge on July 8 is supposed to become one of the main tourist attractions this season in Prague. And His Majesty king Charles IV is also supposed to come!

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Summer Shakespeare Festival starts this week

Jun 18, 15:44 (Filed under: Culture, Prague events )

The Summer Shakespeare Festival This unique project, the annual Summer Shakespeare Festival, will open its eleventh year with remarkable play The Tempest, on Thursday, June 21. Shakespeare plays will be performed under the open sky at the courts of Prague Castle and Liechtenstein Palace (at Lesser Town Square). This original theatrical and dramatic project is very popular among both local people and tourists, although the plays are not performed in English. It is so popular probably because Shakespeare plays are very famous, and the castle, its background, and the whole scenery together with acting performances of a high quality create and leave a strong memory and experience.

As mentioned before, it all begins with The Tempest, which is directed by Jakub Korcak and performed by acting talent team Martin Huba and Jan Triska. In another comedy As you like it, which will be premiered on August 3, we will see the leading actors from both Czech Republic and Slovakia, namely Martin Dejdar, Marian Labuda, Miroslav Noga, etc. The remaining plays include Othello, The Merchant of Venice, and the Twelfth Night.

Years ago, it was ex-president Havel, who initiated the festival and took patronage of it. President Klaus continues this tradition and supports the project as well. An accompanying photo exhibition – Maximum Photography, is also being prepared. It will be free of charge, it will be displayed in the gardens of Prague Castle, and it will present 34 famous photo enlargements made by photographer Ivan Pinkava. These pictures are said to have a special goose bump effect, that is that people in these photos look at us at least as intensively as we look at them.

The tickets to the plays can be bought through Ticketpro network, there are three price categories, for 650, 440, or 280 CZK, and the performances start at 20:30. Although, the project lasts during the whole summer until September 14, the tickets continue to sell out very quickly. Shakespeare plays extend to two another towns this year, the selected plays will be also presented at Brno’s castle Spilberk, and Bratislava Castle.

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Prague Museum Night 2007

May 27, 15:15 (Filed under: Prague events, Culture )

National Museum in the Wenceslas Square If you happen to be in Prague during June 16, and 17, you are lucky, because that is the night when the fourth Prague Museum Night occurs. What’s all this about? Prague museum, galleries, cultural monuments and other sites will be opened during the night, strictly speaking, from seven PM to one AM, all these with interesting accompanying program. This museum night is not Prague privileged as it is also going on in other European cities (e.g. Vienna, Warsaw, Berlin, etc.), but the whole idea is impressive as well as the admission, which is free! Well, ok, almost free, there’s always an exception, it is City of Prague Museum where one has to pay symbolic 1 CZK, or at City gallery it is 10 CZK.

This is a very popular and significant event of cultural life in Prague. Last year, during this night, 160.000 people visited museums and galleries in town, generally, every year there has been a rising trend since the beginning in 2004. Take a guess, will the trend continue this year? Another good news, transport between the sites during the Museum Night is also provided, and it is also free. Among accompanying events, one can find theatre performances, movies, public readings, lectures, displays of unique exhibits, etc.

As an example, let’s look at what Vysehrad (that legendary rock above Vltava) offers. There, one can visit the gallery, Gothic cellar (there you can find some of the original statues from Charles Bridge), or exhibition Vysehrad fortress in the history of Prague’s fortifications. All this for 1 CZK and all this accompanied by theatre of historical fencing.

By the way, Prague Museum Night occurs once a year, plus it can save you a lot of money, plus, it might be really interesting to visit some of the sites during the night, so it would be a pity to miss this opportunity.

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Prague Majales 2007

Apr 27, 10:07 (Filed under: Prague events, Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Majales in Prague Prague Majales (university students rag day) this year is just around the corner. Among other towns such as Olomouc, Liberec, Brno, Ostrava, or Pardubice, Prague student spring feast starts on May 1, and will last for two days. I really enjoy these celebrations, loads of young people having fun, rocking under the stage, drinking hectolitres of beer, and probably much more is happening there, but I only remember this from last two years. Wait, I think I got this couple-of-days-lasting tattoo last year, but I have no idea how come.

Anyway, the big open air festival takes place at Prague exhibition ground (Vystaviste). The program is of an even better quality than last year, but the tickets are more expensive. Day pass costs 199 CZK on the spot, or save some money and save time, which you would waste while having to queue in place, and buy the ticket for 150 CZK in advance booking (e.g. at Palace Cinemas or Ticketportal).

Two stages and a marquee will host for example Clawfinger (Sweden), Transglobal underground (UK), Cechomor, No Name, and many others. Both on Tuesday and Wednesday, the program starts at 13 and runs till night. Accompanying program includes carnival parade, king’s election, films, theatre, after parties, or some of the underground stations (such as Namesti Republiky, Muzeum, Smichovske Nadrazi, Florenc, Mustek) will turn into independent culture places with reading, dancing and acting performances, breakdance, choral singing, or a puppet show. Maybe you?ve already seen some of these performances. One more thing to mention is this year’s Majales slogan „You don’t have to go there, but you would have been a fool then.“

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Prague Easter Markets

Mar 30, 11:15 (Filed under: Prague events, Advice )

If you went during these days into the centre of Prague, you couldn’t have missed them. The 2007 Easter Markets, which started on March 26, and will last until April 15, take place at the Old Town Square, and Wenceslas square. The both are very similar to each other, and they offer almost identical commodities. Namely, Easter stalls offer a large selection of handcrafted goods, metal and wooden, candles, puppets, painted Easter eggs, etc.

What I didn’t expect were couple of sheep, a goat, and rabbits, they were quite tame, it was easy to feed them, and stinky, of course. About these eggs, you can have your text painted on it! Also, there is a good offer of traditional food and drinks. During Passion Week, a special Easter menu will be offered. That is roast rack of lamb, spinach pancakes, parsley filling, or mead. When the Easter comes, singing and dancing take place on a stage at the Old Town Square. The stalls are open from 9 to 19, but the food is often served until midnight.

Yesterday I went for a shopping and I run into another Easter markets, at Andel (Smichov area). They were offering similar stuff, the cultural program is different, though. Now I strongly expect, there are Easter markets in different parts of Prague, too. Does anyone know where?

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Matthew’s fair brought spring to Prague

Mar 2, 14:08 (Filed under: Prague events )

Matthew's Fair This year, it is the 412th year of this traditional Matejska Pout (St. Matthew Fair) which started on Saturday Feb 24 and will last until Easter Apr 15. Like every year, this probably the country’s largest fairground features entertainment for children and adults. It offers 120 amusement rides and park attractions, and of course stands and stalls with sweets, food and drinks.

Among many of these I would point out traditional bumper cars (my favourite), shooting galleries, swing sets, merry-go-rounds, clown performance at Krizik’s fountain (on weekends), roller coasters, booster (velocity up to 110 km per hour), haunted castle, Loch Ness carousel (in the shape of the legendary monster) or Russian wheel, all these along with accompanying program, stands with toys, gingerbread, restaurants, etc. From March 19, the famous singing Krizik’s fountain (synchronized water, light and Czech composers’ music show) starts functioning.

The event takes place at the exhibition ground (one tram stop from Nadrazi Holesovice to Vystaviste) and is open daily except Monday until 22 pm. There is 25 CZK entrance fee on weekends, and 10 CZK on weekdays.

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Salvador Dali in Prague!!

Feb 20, 14:39 (Filed under: Prague events )

Salvador Dalí The famous Spanish artist and one of the most important painters of the 20th century is now in Prague! How incredible, right? You have to see him before he leaves!!

But don’t worry, I know very well that this skilled artist is long time gone. Salvador Dali, who is best known for his quite original, striking and bizarre images, who had drawn attention to the surrealist work to pretty much everyone, not just art-lovers, died in 1989. But still, I am telling you, he is in Prague at this very moment! Well, to be more precise, his work, of course!

Everybody knows him and his strange mustache. Everybody can come up with at least one of his work which is like a dream full of symbols. For example his melting clock or his long legged elephants. Do you remember?

Well, at any rate, you should visit this great exposition of the Master of Symbolism which is held at the Gallery At the White Unicorn (U Bileho jednorozce), Old Town Square 15. This exhibition shifts a very successful exhibition called The Best of Jan Saudek. Open is daily from 10 am to 8 pm.

This unique exhibition shows some Dali’s graphics, sculptures and ceramics kept mainly by private collectors.

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Dinosaurs in Shopping mall

Feb 7, 11:45 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Prague events )

Typical representative of dinosaurs from prehistory When talking about the long history of Earth, there is probably nothing as fascinating as dinosaurs. To be more precise, their extinction. Ever since the 19th century when Sir Richard Owen came up with the name dinosaurs, from the Greek terms “deinos” and “sauros” meaning “large and fearful lizards”, dinosaurs have gripped people’s imagination like no other creature of the past. They have become a subject of countless studies, theories, exhibitions, as well as movies, books and toys.

Dinosaurs remain popular both among children as well as adults. It is incredibly interesting for many to imagine how those huge and fearful creatures that dominated the Earth millions of years ago could so quickly disappear.

However, these past life forms did not completely disappear. They left traces that even today leave men astonished: fossils. A large number of fossils have been found in Patagonia, Argentina. This land belongs to one of the greatest palaeontological centers in the world. If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place to go.

I know, from Prague to Argentina that is a long way to go! But don’t worry, you have now the great chance to admire those long gone creatures in Prague!! Because if you can’t make it to Patagonian dinosaurs yourself, they will visit you! ?

Dinosaur’s skeletons are usually major attractions at museums around the world. You, however, don’t even have to go to museum to see them! Just spare a minute or more while shopping in Centrum Chodov, the biggest mall in Czech Republic. Till March 15, you can meet Patagonian dinosaurs face to face there. This extraordinary exhibition is held under the patronage of the National Museum in Prague.

Just take subway to the station Chodov (red line C). You can’t miss the mall.

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Invitation to Advent Concert – Free tickets

Dec 12, 05:14 (Filed under: Culture, Prague events )

It’s Christmas time and my faculty is organizing another concert, something similar to what I wrote about at the end of October. Here are the details of the program:
Who? Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
When? Wednesday, December 13, 19:30
Where? The Great Hall of Karolinum, Ovocny trh, Prague 1
Performers? Collegium 419 and guests
What? Concert of the part of Johann Sebastian Bach’s large-scale choral work (five motets):

1 Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied BWV 225 (Sing to the Lord a new song)
motet for two four-part choirs and basso continuo
2 Der Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf BWV 226 (The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness)
motet for two four-part choirs and basso continuo


3 Jesu, meine Freude BWV 227 (Jesu my joy)
motet for the five-part chorus and basso continuo
4 Fürchte dich nicht, ich bin bei dir BWV 228 (Fear thou not; for I am with thee)
motet for two four-part choirs and basso continuo
5 Komm, Jesu, komm BWV 229 (Come, Jesu, come)
motet for two four-part choirs and basso continuo

Tickets? The print of the following pdf document is a valid two persons ticket !

If someone has time and mood to come, you are warmly welcome. I suppose that during the intermission, as it was last time, the audience will have a chance to go for a walk inside Karolinum, and see much from the history of Charles University, people who taught there and who influenced its development, or have a look at a great library inside.

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Palazzo Prague dining show

Nov 28, 08:49 (Filed under: Prague events )

Gastronomic show Palazzo Due to the lockout of trams between stops Cechuv Most and Mala Strana, the driver took a detour through Letna. And there, at Letenska Plan, I saw it. Huge tent inviting people to step in to experience extremely delicious show’. So what is all this about?

The world of fantasies and delights’ Palazzo combines excellent cuisine and creative entertainment. The four-course menu prepared by one of the best European chefs Josef Rychter is accompanied by artistic shows. As in many other cities around the world, Palazzo in Prague offers one impressive show performed by acrobats, jugglers, clowns, singers, actors, and other artists. Together with chefs they create one amusing mix and make big effort so that you enjoy your meal.

And how to take a part in this show? Well, a ticket is needed and it is quite expensive. The tickets are divided into classes, and days, can be bought e.g. in Ticketpro network.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday – silver class – 1400 CZK, gold class – 1990 CZK, platinum class – 2490 CZK.
On Friday and Saturday it is – silver class – 1680 CZK, gold class – 2190 CZK, platinum class – 2590 CZK.

For any info, you can dial their free hot line at 800 852 672. The show runs on until February 11, 2007, it starts at 19:30 and one show lasts around three and half hours. You will sit at tables for six or eight people. To get there, take a tram no. 1, 8, 15, 25, or 26 to stop Sparta. This event is quite expensive for me but I hope someone finds this info useful if he or she wants to experience this detailed adventure of music, lights, food, service, and the setting.

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