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Zlaty rozen restaurant

Mar 31, 15:06 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Restaurant Zlaty rozen (which in English means Golden spit) is located on the border of Prague districts Dejvice and Bubenec. This is not in the city center, but not that far from it and both those districts has its beauty so you may find yourself here one day. And one of the top restaurants in this neighborhood is Zlaty rozen.

The restaurant is situated in Ceskoslovenske armady (means Czechoslovak army) street number 22. It is in short walk distance from Metro stations Dejvicka and Hradcanska (green line). The house was built in 1929 and since then there was always the restaurant. Only in the beginning of the 1990´s it was shortly closed, but just it was later renewed with style. The nice interior recalls to the past of the restaurants, walls are decorated with old photographs.

What to order here? The place is both suitable for having here just a beer (or another drink) as for coming for lunch or dinner. Their specialty is that they offer beers of Cerna Hora (Black Hill) brewery, which tradition dates back up to 1530. For some beer lovers might be interesting to try it. Historical illustrations, samples of historical brewery equipments, beer recipes and so on are also to be found here as a decoration. But if you do not like Cerna Hora beer, you can order popular Pilsen instead or of course some non-alcoholic drink. They have some traditional Czech dishes as well as other alternatives as pasta or salmon steak. From traditional Czech meals you can try here for example Beef Goulash “Cerna Hora” or meal called Czech Mix, which is Roasted pork, smoked tenderloin, sausage with potato pancake and dumplings. Or maybe just something small to accompany your beer, then it may be potato pancakes with sour cabbage or pickled Camembert cheese. And they obviously offer a few desserts (although not a wide range – only four in fact) for those who feel for something sweet.

Zlaty rozen is also a place, where important sport matches are screened on the big projection. This may be disturbing for someone, another one comes especially because of it, it depends.

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Café Slavia – Side By Side With Artists

Dec 10, 13:05 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

famous kavarna slavia So, winter has approached once again, wind is cold and the temperature is annoyingly low. Then the best thing to do, after a tiring sightseeing tour, is to find a cozy and WARM place where you can refresh yourself over a cup of a delicious hot chocolate, tea, coffee or any other beverage. A place where you can admire the beauty of Prague from the inside. Yes, there is such a place!

The Grand Café Slavia is truly a Café with a big “C”. It has had a long and fascinating history. Just consider where it is situated – right on the corner opposite the National Theatre, overlooking the Vltava River. As if this was not sufficient, Slavia Café is a place with a great view of the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Petrin Tower as well. Isn’t this enough?

You really don’t have to take any more steps – the whole Prague is in front of you. You can sip your coffee, watch the scenery and let the atmosphere engulf you. And the atmosphere is really touching.

Café Slavia, opened in 1881 just like the National Theatre, and its clients have literally seen the history walking by – the latest immense event was the students demonstration on November 17, 1989, which took place just under the big windows, that later turned into so called Velvet Revolution, and brought democracy back for the Czech people.

It was and still is a meeting place for artists or intellectuals, including the former president Vaclav Havel. The great thing is that those popular people would sit just by the table next to yours, drinking the same coffee, reading the same newspapers, sharing the same room. This is the special atmosphere of Café Slavia, you never know, who is sitting near you. A famous Czech writer? Politician? Actor? Since the National Theatre is so close, you might get lucky. But it is true that tourists will probably not even notice them. For Czechs or someone who knows Czech culture well it is more fun.

The prices for food in Café Slavia are adjusted to its outstanding position, so a bit higher, but you can find much more expensive restaurants in Prague. For a main dish you pay around 150 CZK. Prices for drinks are normal. Considering what you get for the price apart from the food or drinks you order, I do recommend it.

If you decide to give it a try, make sure to find a place by the riverside windows so that your view is perfect. It is really romantic. Café Slavia is situated on Smetanovo nabrezi 2, just by the tram station Narodni divadlo – trams 6, 9, 17, 18, 21, 22 or 23. It is within 5min lazy-walk from the subway station Narodni trida (yellow line B). Open is daily from 8am to 11pm.

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Restaurant “U Marianského obrazu“

Oct 22, 09:53 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

u marianskeho obrazu Restaurant ”U Marianského obrazu” (which means At Marian picture) is located in Zizkov, a Prague area well known for its amazing amount of pubs, bars, and restaurants. So it has a huge competition here, but I would definitely put this one on my list of favourite places where to eat in this part of Prague. You can find this restaurant on the corner of Fibichova and Kubelikova Street, facing the famous Akropolis Palace.

It is a place of choice; go just for a beer, or eventually for a beer accompanied with something small to eat, as sausage, camembert cheese or so, but you can go here also for a proper lunch or dinner as well. And they cook well. Offer is of a relatively wide range; you can find things of different kinds on the menu (available both in Czech and English language). There are soups, already mentioned “small things with beer”, vegetable salads, fish, chicken dishes, beef or pork, traditional Czech and also Slovak cuisine dishes, there are deserts…

During the lunchtime, there is a daily menu of things you can offer and get really fast, without long waiting for them to be cooked. Meals on the daily menu are mostly of traditional Czech cuisine, and they are not expensive. But unfortunately, I did not notice that they would have the daily menu also written in English. So there is a need to ask the waitress for some translation.

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Beer Garden in Riegrovy sady

Aug 2, 16:20 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

I discovered beer garden in Riegrovy sady (Rieger´s gardens) last year in spring, when an American guy who was teaching English in Prague that time took me here. This place was on one of top positions among his favourite places where to go for a beer in Prague. And since I once was there, I also started to like this place.

This beer garden is situated in Riegrovy sady, which is a park in Vinohrady. There are many ways how you can get there, for example, take Metro to Náměstí Míru station, then go to Korunní Street, in the first crossing turn to the left to Blanická Street and then go still straight until you will get to Polská Street, from which you can access the park. Once you are in park, you will find the beer garden easily. The park is in walking distance also from Metro stations Muzeum (on the top of Wenceslaw Square) or Jiřího z Poděbrad.

It is ideal place where to go for a beer in a hot summer day. This beer garden is large, so usually it is not a problem to find a place where to sit. Garden works on self-service, so you have to buy drink in a stand and then brink it to your table on your own, but there are guys who go around and pick up empty glass. Consumers, who are a mix of both Czechs and foreigners (most of them are expatriates) mostly buy beer. But it is not of course the only option – you can also take some soft drink or a cocktail (although I would not go for a cocktail to a beer garden). And there is also a possibility to buy something small to eat – sausages, crisps etc. I never tried a sausage here, but I have heard that they are not really good. But if you only want to have a beer to cool in a hot day, you should be satisfied here. If you have a dog, you can take him with you, but he should stay on a leash.

There is also a big screen, so when there is an important sport event on, people can watch it here. If not, music is playing, for me a little bit too loudly, but most of the people seem that they do not mind it. And, the place is surrounded with Rieger´s garden with lots of green and flowers, which is a nice place for a short walk, before or after having your beer.

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Siva – tea and coffee room in the city centre

Jul 19, 11:48 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Siva is one of my favourite places where to go with my friends in the or early evening. This cosy tea and coffee room in Arabic style is situated in Masná Street no. 8, which is very close from the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí).

They offer a wide range of different kinds of tea and coffee, as well as a popular Arabic drink called sahleb, which is considered to be an aphrodisiac. But if you better feel for drinking something cold, you can try some (not only) Arabic wine or a tasty Lebanese juice. Beside this, if you feel a bit hungry or you just like eating something small, you can choose something from their Arabic specialties, I would recommend to try some of sweet cookies from the Middle East. As it is in tearooms usual, you can also ask for a water pipe. A part of Siva is also a small shop, where you can buy packed tea, coffee, water pipes and other exotic goods.

And what I really like about Siva, are evenings with belly dancers. Dancers from Aisha, the Prague school of belly dancing, have their shows here on Fridays and Saturdays. But if you want to see the show, it is better to make a reservation for a table in advance (the phone number to Siva is 222 315 983), because the room where the dancing takes part is not really big and all the tables are usually full by the time the show starts.

Siva is opened from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 – 23:30, on Sundays also from 12:00, but only to 22:00. The shop is opened daily from 11:00 to 20:00.

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Bar La Casa Blu, Have You Heard of it?

Jul 7, 13:26 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

When you are walking around bar La Casa Blu in the historical centre of Prague you usually catch on the lively atmosphere that drags you in. As it happens, a friend of a friend showed me this place, and I’ve been visiting it once in a while ever since. And I’m not the only one, when you take a seat and watch these people for a while, it is obvious that they are not there for the first time and that they like being there.

The Latin style setting, the beer, wine and spirit selection is good and the music together with the whole atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and as you’ve been going there for years. When you look at the tables around you, it was not just beer or wine there, but almost everyone placed a different order and it was great to see all this mix of nachos, tacos, fajitas and sangrias, wines, beers, tequilas. Not that I was watching the other tables all the time, I glanced around, though, to get the picture.

However, not everything was tip top there. To me, the biggest minuses were old tables, uncomfortable chairs, small holes in the walls, flaked paint on the wall, or Staropramen beer. On the other hand, all these things seemed like they belong there and they are part of this specific atmosphere. There was also a nice photo gallery on the wall in the backside of the bar. Prices were more than fair during happy hours (from 11 to 18, e.g., beer 21 CZK), and during lunch time (student menu – 69 CZK for a meal, 0.33l beer included). After 18, prices are still adequate, and you pay around 150 CZK for a typical Spanish meal.

La Casa Blu is located in the corner of Kozi and Bilkova streets, near the Old Town Square, and it is worth a try. By the way, it is the bar where part of the famous Czech movie Samotari was filmed (e.g. the scene with the body shot).

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A visit to a tea house U Dvou Salku

Jul 3, 15:34 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

This week we had a small class reunion to celebrate the start of summer 2007. We met at a tea house U Dvou Salku near Namesti Miru (Vinohrady). We arrived in the afternoon just to find out that this place is one hot spot. As some people from our group were still supposed to come, it was better to wait than to leave to another tea room. In about twenty minutes a table became free and we could finally treat ourselves to a delicious apple tobacco sheesha pipe and discuss what important happened since the last reunion.

Tea house U Dvou Salku is located in the street Blanicka 8 (get off at Namesti Miru, walk up Francouzska street and take the first left turn) and they are open daily, usually until 23. About the tea room, there are four separated rooms, and I think you are supposed to take your shoes off. At least everybody did. The lights are very low, not good for reading, and when you leave, and the sun is still shining outside, then the brightness is really shocking.

Anyway, they offer an extensive variety of teas for the standard prices, similar to other tea rooms. The waiter that came to us was a really nice guy, smiling a lot, talking in a deep slow voice, actually, I thought he was stoned. But it took him quite a lot of time to bring back the teas and the pipe. As I mentioned before, the place was full, full of young people only, mostly high school and university students, some couples making out. We spent there enjoyable two hours and we left with lots of new memories and what-happened-in-one-year affairs, things like who got engaged, who moved abroad, etc. Now I am curious what will happen before the next encounter.

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Temporary cafe “In The Dark” near the Old Town Square

Jun 8, 09:04 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

From Wednesday June 6 you have a chance to visit a special coffee-house at once during the day and in the darkness. Have you ever drunk your favourite cup of tea in the restaurant in the dark? Because that is the name (Potme) of a newly opened coffee place at Ovocny Trh (fruit market), which is run by blind people. It was opened by singer and Czech version of Idol competition (Superstar) winner Aneta Langerova, which is actually not blind, but is involving herself in various charitable projects and beneficences, like this one.

I remember this project last year at film festival in Karlovy Vary spa, but it was very crowded, and I didn’t get in, and didn’t want to queue. Anyway, inside, the menu is not overwhelming and you can only get Italian espresso or a tea, plus once a day, there will be “screening” of a Czech series Visitors (Navstevnici), which has some sound comments added since you cannot see anything. In this cafe, people can experience for a while how it feels to live in the dark, the message this project carries is that it is hard but possible. Well, such mutual meetings with unseeing people can definitely enrich us both.

At the entrance you are greeted by a blind hostess girl, who knows where all the guests sit and which tables are free (tables are organized according to Braille writing system), then you are carried to the table by another blind man who will take you to your table and offer you a seat and introduce you to the waiters. Waiters bring coffee, and put sugar bag into your hand. What more, it is forbidden to use any light inside, e.g. from cellphone. It is very interesting to try this different world, world with no colours, but with a lot of fantasy. After all, you can leave the dark and come out to the light anytime. The coffee in a mug which you take as a souvenir when you leave costs 70 CZK and you pay with a chip which you get at the entrance. Another particular experience is that suddenly it is you who need to rely on a blind guide.

If you want to experience this remarkable event, hurry up, it only runs for eight days until June 13.

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Confectionery Apetit

Jun 1, 15:34 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

We were walking downtown today, right after lunch, looking for a coffee place to rest a little. It took us maybe half an hour, but we found a new interesting spot. At least, new for us. This confectioner’s and coffee place is called Apetit and is located in the street Revolucni (near Namesti Republiky), but it is not very noticeable and can be easily overlooked.

The setting is wonderful, walls, chandeliers, chairs and tables, they all fit together very well. The place looked like from a fairy tale, so I was curious if the sweet stuff they offered tasted fairy-taleish as well. And it doesn’t. The cake I ordered actually tasted chemical, too sweet and the whipped cream was awful. And so was the cake of my friend. But what I noticed was that we were the only ones eating the dessert. Others enjoyed mainly open sandwiches and salads. There was enough place to sit either upstairs to observe what’s going on outside, downstairs, or in the summer garden in the yard. And the other visitors? Mostly working people who went there for lunch or tourists. But it was 2 pm then, might be different later on. The coffee was good, though. And so was the whole offer. Many kinds of cream cakes, ice-cream, cocktails, baguettes, salads, and other stuff. The prices and the service were also customer friendly. Next time when I’m around this neighbourhood, I will stop there again, but that time, I’ll rather try one of those sandwiches.

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Where to eat and drink at Lesser Town

May 23, 14:01 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Potato soup in bread This time I come with a very interesting where-to-eat-and-drink tip. I’ve come to know it as it happens through a friend. And I started to like it at once and it became one of my favourite spots where I take friends who visit me in Prague. Let’s not beat about the bush, though. The restaurant is called Baracnicka Rychta (I have no idea what is the English equivalent), and when you enter it, you carry yourselves years to the back.

The location is perfect, at Lesser Town (Mala Strana), near the embassy of USA, walk few meters to the Alchymist hotel, and turn to the right to the one-way street. The address is Trziste 23 and again, it is really beautifully situated. I realize that there are very many restaurants with top service, setting, location, etc., but there are only few that are situated in the historical centre and keep local prices for local people, and this is one of them! We arrived in the early evening, and the place was full, there was just one little table waiting for us. Well, the note on it said it was waiting for some Henry, who had the table reserved, but fortunately, Henry was not about to come until half past eight and it was just seven, so we borrowed the table from Henry.

Inside, it was a mix of people, older beer guys discussing politics, art students sharing philosophical thoughts, some tourists. I ordered one of their specials, potato soup in bread, and it was a big surprise. The soup came in a crispbread, with breadcrumb scooped out, it looked lovely, like a soup pot, even with a tiny crunchy bread cover over it. It was fun to eat soup and the pot it came it, too. And the price, it was not much, 42 CZK. It was really tasty with a beer. They offered Pilsen and Svijany, which is good and worth a try. They also offered strong eight percent dark Svijany. My friend tried roasted goose liver with onion, pomegranate, and with hot mixed cranberries poured over it. Not bad, but nothing special.

We were waiting for quite a long time to get the food, but I understand it since they had to toast the bread, etc. Maybe small disadvantage, I was eating the ‿plate’ with my hands, and they got a bit dirty then, so I needed to go wash them in the toilets which were ok, clean enough. Trust me, there was not another way how to eat it. What was disturbing was an occasional applause of pensioners in the big hall downstairs. There were many of them, a reunion or something. As I later read, the name of the restaurant is derived from the patriotic guild that came into existence in the 19th century, and their job was to refresh old traditions, customs, etc. Reputedly, the guild was very popular then. That explained both the group and the setting, which looked like when you have stopped time for, say, 70-80 years. Not all of it, but flags, posters, or almanacs on the wall.

Anyway, if you are wandering in these little streets at Lesser Town, I recommend this place as both a refreshment or a target destination for it keeps the unique atmosphere of old Prague which some of you might be looking for. The prices are fair, people are friendly, and it’s not yet full of tourist, unless you meet someone who read this post as well :-)

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Prague Majales 2007

Apr 27, 10:07 (Filed under: Prague events, Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Majales in Prague Prague Majales (university students rag day) this year is just around the corner. Among other towns such as Olomouc, Liberec, Brno, Ostrava, or Pardubice, Prague student spring feast starts on May 1, and will last for two days. I really enjoy these celebrations, loads of young people having fun, rocking under the stage, drinking hectolitres of beer, and probably much more is happening there, but I only remember this from last two years. Wait, I think I got this couple-of-days-lasting tattoo last year, but I have no idea how come.

Anyway, the big open air festival takes place at Prague exhibition ground (Vystaviste). The program is of an even better quality than last year, but the tickets are more expensive. Day pass costs 199 CZK on the spot, or save some money and save time, which you would waste while having to queue in place, and buy the ticket for 150 CZK in advance booking (e.g. at Palace Cinemas or Ticketportal).

Two stages and a marquee will host for example Clawfinger (Sweden), Transglobal underground (UK), Cechomor, No Name, and many others. Both on Tuesday and Wednesday, the program starts at 13 and runs till night. Accompanying program includes carnival parade, king’s election, films, theatre, after parties, or some of the underground stations (such as Namesti Republiky, Muzeum, Smichovske Nadrazi, Florenc, Mustek) will turn into independent culture places with reading, dancing and acting performances, breakdance, choral singing, or a puppet show. Maybe you?ve already seen some of these performances. One more thing to mention is this year’s Majales slogan „You don’t have to go there, but you would have been a fool then.“

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Enjoying Pilsen at one of the Vltava Islands

Apr 12, 11:04 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes, Advice )

View from Strelecky Island to National Theatre These after-Easter warm and sunny days are provoking us to spend more time outside than inside. Let me share with you where I spent a part of one bright sunny afternoon. It was at one of the islands on Vltava river, Slovansky Ostrov, the one that is the closest to the National Theatre. Besides building Zofin, a playground for children, or the cheapest boat rental, there is also a pleasant outside cafe. This is an enjoyable place for sitting, it offers very nice view of Charles Bridge and the castle behind (the view that might be faintly familiar from many Prague postcards), or Strelecky ostrov on the other side.

To visit this place, I would walk there from the centre, but you can take a tram to stop Narodni Divadlo, and cross the bridge to the island. The prices there were adequate for the location (35 CZK for a big glass of Pilsen).

Not long time ago, I went to Strelecky ostrov with a friend. We bought a beer at a supermarket and sat at a bench and discussed the hot news as we haven’t seen each other for a while. In maybe one hour, three people stopped by to bother us. It was begging for money, announcement of doomsday coming (in English!), and one rather aggressive interference (the guy even tried to touch us!). This last one was really annoying. So that is another advantage of the cafe at Slovansky ostrov (i don’t really remember its name), having more privacy and a chance to enjoy it more.

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Visiting confectioner’s shop Ovocny Svetozor in Prague

Dec 7, 15:21 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

Doesn't it look tasty? Confectionery Ovocny Svetozor is quite well known around Prague. It offers variety of ice-creams, fruit cakes, whipped cream tarts, as well as croissants or sandwiches. The menu also offers many hot and cold drinks. We went there last week for the first time.

There are several shops Ovocny Svetozor in Prague and I visited the one near metro stop Florenc. The setting was strange, noisy colours, London theme, red double-decker bus, phone booth as an entrance to toilets… Fortunately, this was successfully compensated by the menu. So what I tried was two pieces of different fruit cakes (strawberry and banana). It was delicious, refreshing, really tasty. A piece of cake costs either 28 or 31 CZK. In this season, I haven’t tried their ice-cream, but it looked wonderful. The service was just ok, again, I can’t say they cared too much about customers. We didn’t stay long inside, there were many people and quite a noise, I didn’t really like the surroundings, at least the cake was enjoyable, like home-made.

If someone is starving for home-made cakes, here is how to get there. We went to Ovocny Svetozor Karlin-London, which is near Delvita at Florenc, street Sokolovska 22. It is open every day until 19. Other shop Ovocny Svetozor is in the street Havlickova 15 (between tram stops Namesti Republiky and Bila Labut – just one tram stop from Florenc), which is also open daily until 19. Then there is one in the street Vodickova 39 (tram stop Vaclavske Namesti, or metro stop A Mustek), open until 20, and Ovocny Svetozor in Chodov shopping centre (metro C Chodov), which is open late until 22.

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Tip for using your ISIC/ITIC – Pizzeria Einstein

Nov 30, 13:01 (Filed under: Prague pubs, restaurants and cafes )

International Student Card International Student Identity Card (teachers respectively) ISIC/ITIC offers many discounts in many shops but most of them are not extensive. It is usually 5-15 % discount in stores, or restaurants, and maybe 50 % in some museums. Since some of us have these cards, we should derive some benefit from them, and pizzeria Einstein is a convenient place to do it.

International Teacher Identity Card There are four of these pizzerias in Prague, but my favourite is the one near Andel, at the tram stop Svandovo Divadlo. For a long time this restaurant keeps ‿1 plus 1’ special offer for all pizzas, salads, and pasta. Order two and pay only for one of them (the more expensive one), while some of the other chain stores Einstein offers only ‿pay 2 get 1 free’ promotion. The place is popular, and it might happen that in the evening there is no table available. Usually, ii is not full, though, and there is enough space in the restaurant. It has a total of three floors. About the service, these waitresses are often slow, and not perfectly mannered or polite, but it’s not that bad, the service there is just nothing special. The menu offers a variety of pizzas, salads, pasta, pancakes, soups, risottos, desserts, and ice-cream. Drinks menu is sufficient, too.

This pizzeria Einstein is found in the street Stefanikova 52 – Smichov area (trams no. 6, 9, 12, 20 to stop Svandovo divadlo). If someone wants to try a different one, other Einstein restaurants are located in the streets:

  • Smeralova 3 – Letna area (trams no. 1, 8, 15, 25, 26 to stop Letenske Namesti)
  • Seifertova 67 – Zizkov area (trams no. 5, 9, 26 to stop Husinecka)
  • Rumunska 25 – area Vinohrady (near metro line C stop I.P. Pavlova, or line A stop Namesti Miru)

If you have your ISIC/ITIC, it will be a pity not to take the advantage of it. Does anyone know any other restaurant having 1 plus 1 special ISIC offer?

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