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Dinosaurs in Shopping mall

Feb 7, 11:45 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Prague events )

Typical representative of dinosaurs from prehistory When talking about the long history of Earth, there is probably nothing as fascinating as dinosaurs. To be more precise, their extinction. Ever since the 19th century when Sir Richard Owen came up with the name dinosaurs, from the Greek terms “deinos” and “sauros” meaning “large and fearful lizards”, dinosaurs have gripped people’s imagination like no other creature of the past. They have become a subject of countless studies, theories, exhibitions, as well as movies, books and toys.

Dinosaurs remain popular both among children as well as adults. It is incredibly interesting for many to imagine how those huge and fearful creatures that dominated the Earth millions of years ago could so quickly disappear.

However, these past life forms did not completely disappear. They left traces that even today leave men astonished: fossils. A large number of fossils have been found in Patagonia, Argentina. This land belongs to one of the greatest palaeontological centers in the world. If you are looking for dinosaurs, Patagonia is the place to go.

I know, from Prague to Argentina that is a long way to go! But don’t worry, you have now the great chance to admire those long gone creatures in Prague!! Because if you can’t make it to Patagonian dinosaurs yourself, they will visit you! ?

Dinosaur’s skeletons are usually major attractions at museums around the world. You, however, don’t even have to go to museum to see them! Just spare a minute or more while shopping in Centrum Chodov, the biggest mall in Czech Republic. Till March 15, you can meet Patagonian dinosaurs face to face there. This extraordinary exhibition is held under the patronage of the National Museum in Prague.

Just take subway to the station Chodov (red line C). You can’t miss the mall.

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Winter Sales in Prague stores have already started

Jan 9, 12:46 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague )

Shopping and entertainment centre Metropole Zlicin After short Christmas break, I returned to Prague several days ago. I spent the holidays and the New Year’s day in the cottage at the mountains called High Tatras in Slovakia. Very good, but very crowded place. Anyway, I had quite unpretentious Christmas, so when I returned to Prague, I was curious whether or not winter sales started. My girlfriend and I went to check it out to the shopping and entertainment centre the Metropole Zlicin.

This centre is located at the end station metro B “Zlicin” (yellow line, quite far away from the centre). At the entrance, they have these stupid mechanical opening doors that open forward and not sideways. I thought it will hit us. We survived. Shortly after entering, we saw a fountain in the hall. Scheduled every hour, there is a musical show with light effects. It was not good at all, short and boring. But the thing is that this centre is quite big, and so is the offer. Fashion brands, footwear, accessories, gifts, electronics, sports equipment, etc. And of course services such as restaurants, cafes, multiplex cinema, bowling, shoe repair, key shop, children’s corner and many more.

And the sales? Yes, they are running. Especially some clothes are often reduced by 70 %. But let’s take it consecutively and from the beginning. The first shop we entered was Re-Reserved. What I noticed was good jeans offer, both men/women, reduced to 700-800 CZK. Next to it, there’s Sportisimo, sneakers discounted to half price, trekking shoes even more. Another couple of notorious fashion stores included Kenvelo, C&A, H&M, New Yorker, and Mark & Spencer, but neither of them really gripped us. Besides, half of the town is wearing clothes from there. What did grip us, was a small shop called Loren. Nice products, nice discounts. My girlfriend bought there a pretty white sweatshirt with hood for just 400 CZK (original price 1200 CZK), and I bought two pullovers, each for 300 CZK, 70 % reduced.

One more remark to the store Electroworld selling electronics. Not many sales, but there is a number of special offers. These special offers are often a bargain. But be determined if you enter the store, because if you intend to buy the promotional product, the store is losing some money on this product, therefore, the sales assistant will try to offer you similar but different product, with a higher margin for the company. Don’t get fooled.

Before, I haven’t really thought this shopping could be so exhausting. We continued for a while, then had a cup of coffee, and went on routine shopping for food for the weekend. Here, I was positively surprised with prices of food and groceries in Interspar. Cheaper than in Tesco, which I considered the cheapest one. And that is when we called it a day, and travelled back home for an hour and half..

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Back to Christmas Markets in Prague

Dec 16, 07:36 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague )

Prague Christmas markets A month ago I mentioned Christmas markets at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square, however, there are many more smaller markets open around Prague. Most of them are about to close at 19, but stalls selling mull wine and mead (my favourite) usually stay open later, sometimes until midnight.

I visited several of them, to be concrete, there are interesting ones near Namesti Republiky, in front of Celnice restaurant. These markets are not very big, but also not that hectic. There is quite a nice offer of Christmas decorations, candles, traditional wooden products, ceramics, etc. Very near, there are another markets, at Jindrisska vez. In the centre, we can find markets also at Lesser Town Square (Malostranske namesti), these are very small and besides Christmas products and handicrafts they offer products from non-profit organizations. Very near, at Kampa, also offering hand made stuff, hot chestnuts and some hot refreshment, e.g. a cup of mead is for 30 CZK. These markets are not tourists oriented, and craftsmen are offering their products for fair prices. Crafts are also presented at Prague Castle in Golden Lane, if you’re lucky enough, you will see live demonstrations. And that was just the centre, there are still few more.

Maybe the most impressive Christmas Markets are in Namesti Miru. These markets offer variety of sweet ginger-breads, wooden products, tin soldiers, books, decorations, candles, Christmas music, refreshments, etc. Another interesting ones are at metro B Andel – Smichov area, similar range of goods, also recommended. In Praha 6 – Dejvice, at Vitezne Namesti, there is a big tent ready, program includes e.g. concerts or Christmas ice-skate rink for public. There are other small markets out of the centre where I have neither been nor will write about, well, maybe one more, of course, there are Christmas markets at exhibition ground, too. These ones are quite big, and they are thematically parted. It includes classical Christmas markets as mentioned above, gifts and decorations, Christmas beer markets, or pottery and craftsmanship. These markets last until Dec 20 and these are the only markets where there is an entrance.

Well, if you haven’t experienced this year’s Christmas markets atmosphere, it’s just about the final time.

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Christmas Markets in Prague

Nov 20, 09:11 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague )

Christmas markets in Old Town Square Keeping the tradition in, this year’s the biggest Christmas markets start on Saturday, Dec 2, and will last for a month. As usual, this event will take place at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. The Christmas Tree in the Old Town Square (over a hundred years old pine tree from Krkonose) will be lit on Dec 2 at 18 o’clock.

Alike every year, visitors may expect Czech traditions, folk, products in the stalls that will be open daily from 9 to 19, and one hour longer during weekends. There will be a contest for the finest mask of Santa, an angel, and the devil. This year, the city of Prague is the organizer of the project Bridges among towns, a project for kids from different towns to get to know each other, and performing together an appearance for people.

The one thing I really like about these markets, is the vibes and the feeling of Christmas. When I went there last year, I remember it was snowing, people were smiling as they were drinking their glass of traditional mulled wine and watching the concerts on the stage. What more, this year this hot wine will be sold in special cups which everyone can take home as a souvenir.

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Bazaar of Winter Sports Equipment in Zlute Lazne

Nov 16, 18:28 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague )

As it was popular and successful last year, it is not a big surprise that again this year, on Saturday, Nov 4, O2 Zlute Lazne area in Podoli opened a traditional winter market for equipment and clothing for skiing and snowboarding. Everyone can buy or sell sport goods here.

This year, the market is opened on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10 to 19, and on Saturdays from 9 to 13. First week, the entrance is free, next weeks, it’s 20 CZK. If you want to sell some stuff, it’s 100 CZK for more than 3 pieces, or 50 CZK up to 3 pieces.

The area of Zlute Lazne can be found in the street Podolske nabrezi in Podoli. As i wrote earlier this year how to get to Podoli swimming pool, this place is just on the other side of the road, so it is the same way, take one of the trams no. 3, 16, 17, 21 from the centre to the stop Kublov, and walk on about hundred meters near Vltava bank.

I might go there next Saturday, I’m thinking about buying a snowboard for beginners, if I find one for a friendly price. If anyone goes there during this week, write me, is it worth going there?

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Shopping for clothes on Wenceslas Square

Sep 9, 09:13 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Personal )

Wenceslas Square with horse statue of st. wenceslas and National Museum The other day it was over 28 degrees we were walking next to the horse statue of St. Wenceslas in front of the National museum. It was the day we were planning to go to a swimming pool I wrote about earlier. Wearing jeans and dark T-shirt, we realised we need a new, different outfit. The good news was that it was only several days to the day of my next salary, so I decided to use some debit on my credit card.

We set the budget for the new clothes to one thousand per person. And let’s see how we did. Walking down Venceslas Square, our first stop was C&A company (Václavské náměstí no. 33). This place is a clothing store with men, women and kids department. As one would have guessed. My friend bought there white thin summer trousers for 498 CZK, I haven’t chosen anything. Our next visit was paid to X-sport (no. 22) and Nike Prague store (no. 18) at Mustek. These two were full of good stuff, good sport outfits, but it somehow didn’t fit our budgets. We left and went to the shoe store Bata (no. 6), where six floors of different shoe departments were quite impressive. Both of us bought flip flops with the recent world cup country themes. I took flops with sign Italy, my friend took Brazil ones. The price was just 199 CZK.

Our last stop was New Yorker store at Mustek, which enabled us to fully achieve our goal. This shop is filled with in fashion clothes, maybe sometimes too stylish. We both couldn’t resist white sweatshirt with hood in sale for just 150 CZK (original price was 699 CZK). We also bought 2 colourful belts for 199 CZK each and I got also fingertip cream-coloured trousers for 599 CZK. And two T-shirts with stripes in sale each for 150 CZK. To totally accomplish our shopping, we didn’t even wait to come home and we tried and tested new clothes immediately in the streets of Prague. We both were satisfied with the new outfit, we went home put away our old clothes, took swimming trunks and went to the Podoli pool.

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Cheap marketplace in Holesovice

Aug 19, 07:52 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Personal )

Holešovická tržnice My primary intention when I visit Holesovicka trznice (take metro line C to a stop Vltavska) is to get fresh vegetables and fruits for friendly prices. This also applies for fresh meat and dairy products. Nevertheless, this marketplace is more than food stuff.

The place is filled with clothes, junk food restaurants, second-hand clothes stores, but also small serious entrepreneurs concentrated on certain potential group of customers and big shops with different consumption goods. My today’s visit concerned buying sunglasses. I must say, the variety was poor, actually, I thought that every stall offers same products. I haven’t found any that would fit my face.

I bought a shirt instead. Lacoste polo shirt for 150 CZK. One would say, not bad. The original price was 300 CZK. And so i negotiated. One advice, when you talk to Asian tradesmen, never accept the first price mentioned. That price is just not valid, it’s too high. If you are comfortable in arguing for a price or if you just want to try it, this is the place.I left contented.

One thing that worries me still is if the shirt survives it’s first washing.

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Men's clothes in Prague

Apr 20, 07:00 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Personal )

If you??ve been reading this blog over the last month or so, you know that I??m not overly thrilled about what Prague has to offer in terms of men??s clothes. That??s due in part to not feeling very fit, and in part because I??ve gotten quite picky about my duds.

I??m fairly hip to what??s hot and what??s not, or at least I like to think I am. I don??t feel like I could pull off ultra-baggy skater and hip-hop gear, and dressing like a surfer strikes me as somewhat ridiculous in a landlocked country, floodsurfing notwithstanding. I??ve never been a fan of label and/or logo riddled clothes, unlike your average Eurotrash discophile or ESO moderator. I suppose that style-wise the stereotype I fit in with best is the over-cologned British lager lout, but that??s only based on a predilection for short-sleeved collared shirts, something I developed as a Seinfeld fan (think of Kramer??s horde of vintage shirts).

Considering my recent experience in Prague??s malls and shops, I??m thinking that it might be time to hit the city??s second-hand shops again. Now that??s something I haven??t done in a hell of a long time ?? I??m not even sure where the good ones are any more. I don??t have the patience to go digging for hidden treasures in the second-hands that sell anything and everything. Seems like a good mission for next week.

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Jul 22, 08:49 (Filed under: Shopping in Prague, Personal )

Brrr?? the day looks and feels nasty. In the words of the great Gord Downie, “We don’t declare war on idleness when outside it’s cold and shitty.”

While I don’t think I’ll be idle in here (the flat’s in dire need of cleaning and I’ve got editorial and translational duties to take care of – as well as a little bit of Half-Life-ing), I’m certainly aborting my mission to go into the city centre to find a WiFi cafe or two.

I’ve just gotten into Half-Life. I can hear veteran gamers snickering at this as HL was released back in 1998. Well, I’m just getting back into the gaming scene, and this is a great way to start.

I bought the collector’s edition of HL2 a couple of days ago. The package includes a digitally remastered Half-Life, the sequel, and Counterstrike: Source, an online game that I probably won’t get to until I’ve got a wireless network set up in the flat.

The first HL is a blast. I won’t go into detail, but suffice to say that I’ve never played a game that has made my pulse race and my palms sweat like this. It’s literally got me ducking, swerving, leaping, and gasping, and the storyline is brilliantly scripted. Man, have I been missing out. Fortunately, so far I’ve been able to stick to a two-hour time limit at the end of the work day – so it’s the equivalent of watching a movie.

But the best thing about HL so far hasn’t actually been the game, it was the experience I had buying it from the good folks at

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time reading user reviews for PC games. Before going to Funstore, I learned that the main issue that a lot of gamers have had with HL2 has been the insane registration process one has to go through via Steam in order to load the game. I won’t go into detail about it – just scan a number of the reviews here to get an idea of how much of a pain in the ass dealing with Steam can be.

With this in mind, I asked Jiri Pospisil, Funstore’s proprietor, if I could “borrow” a broadband connection in the Funstore office to load the game. He was kind enough allow me to use a cable connection, and one of his colleagues (I didn’t catch his name, but will post it here when I get it) very patiently helped me not only set up the game and get it working offline, but he even helped me sort out my graphics card issues (more geek-speak is required for that, I won’t bore you with it).

It took a total of two hours for me to get HL2 up and running on my notebook. I can’t (and would rather not) imagine the nightmare that would have ensued had I tried to do this through a Globe dial-up connection, or through the unsecured wireless network I can, for some reason, connect to at home.

Hats off to the wonderful folk at for providing such excellent service. They also sell digital cameras and accessories under the moniker of Fotoexpres. So, for all your gaming and digital photography needs, get thee to Funstore and Fotoexpres. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got me some dishes to clean and some headcrabs to frag…

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