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One activity tip – summer ice skating

Jul 27, 17:42 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

What is the other way to cool down in these excruciating heats than going to a swimming pool? Or where is the coolest water? In the ice rink. Right, it is possible to go ice skating during whole summer at Mala Sportovni Hala at Vystaviste (the exhibition ground).

Open for everybody and everyday, from 14 to 18, or from 11 on weekends. The admission is very low, 25 CZK, and you can stay as long as they’re open. The idea is not very sane, I mean to force the body to adapt to these big and quick changes in temperature, when it’s 35 degrees outside and 5 inside. This might not be suitable for everyone. On the other hand, not many people know about this, and when you arrive around four pm, the rink is almost empty, and where and when else have you got a chance to have the whole skating rink only for yourself and your friends without paying much money? What more, the staff will let you take and use hockey sticks and puck if you promise to be careful!

An ice-hockey during summer. I personally visit this place two or three times a week, I can’t go more often, because I’m out of shape, and this work out is way too much. Sometimes, when the sun is blazing on the roof of the stadium, and the ice is vaporizing, very thick fog is formed, so that you cannot see from one goal to another. Maybe another disadvantage is that you cannot rent skates there. But you can find a pair of skates in second hand stores for around a hundred CZK, in example, Megasekac store at Hlavni Nadrazi.

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Afternoon trip to Divoka Sarka park in Prague

Jul 17, 12:01 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Last weekend we spent an afternoon in preserved nature park Divoka Sarka. We wanted to escape the city rush, but it was already 2 pm, so we didn’t want to travel far. Divoka Sarka seemed to be a good choice and it really was.

Divoka Sarka in Prague We took a tram no. 26 from Hlavni nadrazi to end stop Divoka Sarka (around 30 min drive), and we appeared in front of beautiful nature formation, open fields, high rocks, mixed forest. To fully get away from build-up area, and enter this nature paths, we needed to pass McDonald’s, we walked on, and on the first turning turned right. Then again, on the next turning, if you turn right, you’ll get to a large reservoir Dzban, which is a good place to sunbath, but a worse place to swim. It is possible to swim in there, but the water is unclean, and there has been an article in the news that there is an increased number of blue-greens bacteria. I risked it, though, and many other visitors did, too, and the water was quite warm. There is an entrance fee of 70 CZK, but you can avoid it when you simply go to the other side of the reservoir, however, there is not such a good access to water, neither services such as bar, toilet, showers, etc.

On the other hand, it is much more interesting if you turn left on that turning. After a nice walk in the romantic valley, rocks on both sides, and a stream copying the our way, we arrived to an open space between the mountains with completely equipped outer swimming pool. What a display! The place was full, young couples, families with children, retired people, all enjoying the scenery, the sun, the shades under the trees, or the pool with very cold water, from the stream.

Swimming area Dzban in Prague Before we entered, we first passed the place to arrive and stop at a garden beer house, and refresh ourselves with draught beer Herold, and a couple of meat-sausages with bread. Then we went to this swimming pool. There is a 50 CZK admission for the whole day, and it seemed much better choice than the reservoir, despite so many people and a lack of privacy. Maybe it is even better during the week, with less people and no families.

If you want to hike more, you just follow the path that took you to the pool and go on and on, together with the stream, and you come back to the reservoir, or if you want to go even further, there is a long walk that can bring you to a Jeneralka castle.

Maybe it’s a good thing to mention that Divoka Sarka is a legendary female warrior from a woman tribe to beat the leader of the man tribe Ctirad. If you know the legend, this is the right place where your imagination can take you back in time. Anyway, Divoka Sarka is surely a place you want to return to, I can’t imagine how great it must be to hike there during the winter time.

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In the mood for a golf game?

May 19, 16:32 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

A colleague of mine... Last Wednesday it was president’s sports day at Charles University. All students were excused from lessons and classes in exchange for a working-out-spent day. That is the annual plan of the university council and it seems fair to me. On the other hand, from my experience, a feedback from students is missing, and for majority of them this day doesn’t meet its purpose. Typical example: – “So where are you heading for the sports day? Which sport did you choose?“ – “I don’t know, I think I’ll stay at home and spend the day studying or doing some other activity…”
I really have no idea why is that so, the uni offers you a chance to try various sports with instructor or coach for free, and I don’t see a relevant reason not to go. Anyway, I went there and I chose golf lesson.

According to the coach, “golf is experiencing a big boom in the past few years, so it is just about the time to start.” Ok, let’s start then.The session took place at Golf Club Hostivar, at Hornomecholupska 565 (bus 154 or 271 to stop Repcicka). It is an area of a good quality, open all year long from 7 in the morning to 22, and offering 9-hole course, another 9 hole academy course for short game practising, a simulator, tournaments, etc. It was my first time trying golf and I admit, it’s an enjoyable and relaxing game, especially when you flourish. My first faux pas was that I was wearing jeans, at least I had a polo shirt. Another misunderstanding was that no one told us to bring our own golf equipment (I don’t have one, anyway) when we want to play a tournament. Yes, I should have assumed it, but we’re students, we thought we can borrow it in place. Well, at least they let us practice at a driving range, chipping and putting green. Once I almost drove 150 meters! Almost. We learned the right pose, how to hold the club, how to move, simply, the essential but required basics. I must say, I feel my back and shoulders hurt, I need more practice. At the end the instructor told us about the possibility to attend university golf lessons and consequently acquiring Czech golf federation membership and a Green card. Tempting, for I think it is quite probable that I will run into golf someday in the future. In any case, finally, a little more about this golf club.

There are so many different fees for common people that it might be discouraging for some to go there. However, it is affordable, just search for the discounts, or seasonal cards. In example, at the training area (driving range, putting and chipping greens) from 7 to 15 it is only 50 CZK entrance fee plus 60 CZK for 50 balls. The basic fee for the normal course is 600 CZK or 250 CZK for shorter academy course, or 400 CZK for simulator. Other services include golf shop, golf lessons, instructors, a bar with a Wi-Fi network. On the other hand, this is not the only golf area in Prague, has anyone been to a different one yet? How was it?

Final word, as I read in one slogan: “Go on, be a Tiger!”

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Bobsleigh track at Prosek

May 16, 11:11 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Bobsleigh track in Prague-Prosek There is one kilometer long bobsleigh track set on hillside at Prosek with several interesting loops and small bumps. Some call it action, or even extreme, but I don’t think it’s that serious. On the other hand, it is really fun and if you don’t use brakes, you can reach some high speeds then. Ok, I did use the brakes, but I only tried one ride. You usually don’t go to the extreme when it’s your first ride. But I need to throw in that this bobsleigh track in Prague is nothing more than tracks in other towns.

There is also another attraction which I haven’t tried yet. It is 180 metres high ropes swing and climbing. High ropes are open only during weekends! In the area, there is also a restaurant with standard prices, also offering barbecue specialities or pizzas. About the sleigh track, it is 60 CZK per ride (kids for 45 CZK), and they have a special offer, too: high ropes plus sleigh ride for 130 CZK. There are some discounts for multiple rides. To get there, take metro B (yellow line) to Palmovka, then take bus no. 140, 187 or 233 to stop Kelerka.

This sleigh is dual seat in parent-child ride case, or for two adults, that is also fun. We went there during the day but I heard it’s very nice during sunset with special night lights. Sunset and illuminating of Prague, beautiful view. The place is open every day and they close at 22:00. And be careful in the last left-handed turn and also the brake is quite sensitive.

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My first time canoeing on the Vltava river

May 12, 16:33 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Yesterday, I had a wonderful experience that I want to share with you. My girlfriend takes classes in canoeing as an obligatory physical education course at her faculty. She asked their professor if I could join them someday, and so I did. We started at garages in front of Admiral Botel at Smichov. We took the canoe, paddles, and swim vests, placed the boat on the river, jumped in, and joined up with the group. I was in the back, of course. We were rowing upstream away from the city, admiring beauties of Prague from different perspective, and feeling respect for Vltava.

Soon we reached docks, where other boats, greater or smaller, freighters, powerboats, yachts, or police boats were anchored. At the end of it, we had a small break for further instructions. The group remained together as everyone was holding another canoe, and we created an interesting chain. Also, we had to swap places. We rowed few meters to an empty mole as we thought we would crawl up and the swap would be easier. And that was the cherry on the cake. I was grabbing the mole and keeping only half of our canoe near it while my girlfriend climbed up, stretched her body, and tried to get in again, pushing away the other half, falling in the water, flipping over me and the canoe. That was my premier bath in Vltava. First, we had a good laugh, others naturally joined. For a short while, we were floating around, when we found out that the water is shallow, and that there is deep mud at the bottom. After every bounce off the bottom I found myself deeper. For the rest, this was a “two men show”. They actually helped us then, though. We pulled out the boat offshore, drained out the water, carefully, but totally wet, we got in, and we started rowing really fast, not to get cold. We arrived back among the first, not to irritate the professor even more, put the canoe and the equipment back to the garage, and started to tan while our only clothes were drying on the sun.

To retired people with their dogs, and to tourists, we were indeed a juicy enrichment of their time when they were walking by and passing us, what demonstrates when one of them tried to take a photo of us. By virtue of these unexpected events I have very good memories of yesterday. One thing I’m not really sure is if I’m allowed to join the canoe group again.

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Try in-line skating in Prague

Apr 16, 11:36 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

In-line rental in Prague's park Stromovka In-line skating has become very popular sport activity in the Czech Republic in the past years and its popularity is still growing. However, the conditions for this recreational sport are not so good. On the other hand, there are several places where one can both borrow in-line skates and enjoy skating on a good-quality ground. One of them is surely Ladronka area.

This area has special lanes designated for skating, and cycling. There is also another asphalt lane, which is not so hectic and is designed for less experienced skaters. In the evening, the lane is illuminated. The area and its environments are also very good for running, having a picnic or even a barbecue, playing football, basketball, volleyball, or petanque. All these activities are for free, you only pay if you want to play tennis. As already mentioned, there is a skate rental, the price is 120 CZK per hour for a pair of skates and pads. It is also possible to rent a bike, petanque or badminton set, or a scooter. It is open daily from 12 to 21, but the area is outside the centre. It is possible to walk there from Petrin, and around Strahov stadium, but you might e.g. take a bus no. 191 from Andel (metro line B) and get off at stop U televizni veze.

What is closer to the centre, is Stromovka park. The surface in this large area is, however, of a less quality. It is easy to skate as far up as Prague Zoo, and then continue alongside Vltava river bank, where is a brand new asphalt layer. There is both rental and second hand in-line shop near the entrance to the park, from Vystaviste (the exhibition ground). The price is 90 CZK per hour, both skates and pads. If this seems insufficient, there is another one, a sport shop in T-mobile arena parking area.

Another popular site is Letenske sady. Not only for skating, this place is really good for other outdoor activities or just to leisure. I was there few days ago, it is very nice, but sometimes very crowded, which means a long beer queue. But the sight of panoramic Prague is worth it. So there are two places where you can rent skates. One in-line shop is located near Sparta Praha stadium at Milady Horakove 98 and it offers skates for 50 CZK per hour. Another one is in the street Cechova 3 and the price is 100 CZK for half a day! The closest tram stop to both of these shops is Sparta.

There are also other places to skate, however, I have no personal experience with them. If you know some, drop a comment please. I heard there is one at Zlute Lazne near Podoli. Anyway, when renting, expect to prove your identity or to pay down a deposit.

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Swimming places in winter season in Prague

Feb 17, 15:26 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Swimming pool Slavia This winter is not usual. It’s very warm but not as warm as spring. To do outside sports, this is really a bad weather. When there is a rainy day and I’m in the mood for some physical activity, what I do is that I just go swimming for an hour or two. So I decided to write down some info about possibilities where to go swimming in Prague. Here’s a short list of swimming pools open during winter season:

  • Swimming place Hloubetin, Hloubetinska 80 (metro B Hloubetin), this pool is popular because of the salty water (it is said that the salt comes from the Dead Sea). It is open daily, the entrance fee for adults is 70 CZK / 60 minutes, 100 CZK / 90 minutes (students have discount 10 CZK). Season pass is also available, and other services include a gym, sauna or fit club.
  • Swimming stadium Podoli, Podolska 74 (trams 3, 16, 17, 21 to stop Kublov), popular spot. Open all year round. The price is 80 CZK for 90 minutes, there are several pools, water steam and sauna.
  • YMCA Sportcenter, Na Porici 12 (Florenc), another very popular spot. There is a smaller pool open daily, they charge you every minute, it is 1.80 CZK per minute. Services like sun parlor, gym, sauna, massages, jacuzzi hot tub, or spinning are also available.
  • Lagoon Letnany, Tupolevova 665 (e.g. take bus 210 from Nadrazi Holesovice), this is the only aquacenter in Prague. It’s open daily and it costs 140 CZK for adults (100 CZK for students) for two hours. Besides regular 25 metres pool, you can enjoy spiral water slide, massage pool, trampoline. There is also large fit club, sun parlor, and then a thing called Relax Nirvana (sauna, water steam, hot tub with salt water, and a small pool to cool down).
  • Swimming Pool Incheba, Prague exhibition ground. Public swimming pool for 60 CZK per hour, open daily.
  • Swimming Pool Radlice, Radlicka 298 (metro B Radlicka). Open daily, 80 CZK per person, sauna included in price!
  • Swimming stadium Slavia, Vladivostocka 1460 (tram 7, 19, 22, 24 to Kubanske Namesti). Pool for 70 CZK per hour, sauna available.
  • Nudist swimming pool Sokol Vinohrady, street Polska (Riegrovy sady park). To be precise, nudist people have their reserved time in this pool every Wednesday from 19:30 to 20:30. This naturistic swimming cost 90 CZK is sometimes accompanied with funny events.

The last to mention is where I used to go. It is the Charles University Sport Center, which unfortunately is not so close to the town’s centre. The address is Bruslarska 1132 and it is in area Hostivar. For public it is open daily except Tuesday and Thursday in the evening hours and the entrance is 70 CZK (students for 50 CZK).

At most of these places, season passes are also available. One more thing, even if some pools are open for public daily, it is not usually the whole day, parts of may be reserved for swimming lessons, other companies, etc. This list is not complete and if you know any other good place, it would be great if you drop a comment about them.

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Public Ice Skating Stadiums in Prague

Jan 12, 11:52 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Ice-hockey and figure skating is very popular in the Czech Republic. I am not the exception and I like ice-hockey very much. I cannot miss a single year without putting my skates on. Last year, we went to skate with a friend from the US, and I still remember when during the conversation he told me: ?of course you can skate, you guys here were born with skates’.

Even though it is unexpectedly warm outside and nothing freezes yet, there are many possibilities to go skate at the stadiums. When the time and the real winter comes, I will write about chances of skating on frozen lakes around Prague, but by now, here’s a short list where and when to skate inside in the stadium:

  • HC Hvezda Praha – street Na Rozdilu 1 (tram stop Horomericka, trams no. 2, 20, 26), skating on Saturdays (18:30 – 20:30) and Sundays (17:00 – 19:00), skating admission is 40 CZK.
  • HC Kobra Praha – street Mikuleckého 1584 (bus no. 198 from Smichovske Nadrazi to Vrbova), skating on Saturdays and Sundays – 13:15-15:15.
  • Prague Exhibition Ground (Vystaviste) – (trams no. 5, 12, 14, 15, 17 to stop Vystaviste), among many other attractions at the exhibition ground, there is also a skate rink opened to public on Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 16:00, admission for adults is 50 CZK.
  • Stvanice Ice Stadium – on Stvanice island, the easiest way to get there is to go to metro or tram stop Vltavska and walk. Public skating here is popular and has a long tradition. It takes place every day usually something between 10 -12, and 14-17, plus minus 30 minutes, depending on the day. On Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays it is also open in the evening, 18:45 – 20:15, 18:30 – 21:30, 20:00 – 22:00 respectively. Admission fee is 70 CZK (100 CZK for the whole day) and you can rent skates here for 80 CZK.
  • Nikolajka Stadium – another very popular public ice-skating spot. To get there, go to metro stop Andel and walk the street Ostrovskeho up the hill for several minutes. The place is open on Saturdays and Sundays, from 14:00 to 16:00. The entrance fee is 35 CZK, skates rental is for 60 CZK.
  • Sport Center Letnany – street Tupolevova 669, near shopping centre Letnany, take any of bus numbers 140, 156, 186, 195, 210, 233, 274 to stop Tupolevova. Public skating is open daily from 10 to 12 and on Saturdays also in the evening from 20 to 22. It is also possible to rent skates here. The admission for an adult is 60 CZK.

Skates rental is not available everywhere. One more tip. There is a large second hand store Megasekac at the main railway station (Hlavni Nadrazi). It is possible to buy skates there for very little money.

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Few Tips on Bike Rental in Prague

Nov 2, 06:17 (Filed under: Sport in Prague, Out and About in Prague )

Bikes for rent in Prague Despite the fact that city transportation in Prague is of a good quality, with working schedules, and little lockouts, I decided to mention the possibility of renting a bicycle. In the Czech Republic, the bicycle is not heavily used as a transport vehicle, but more as a medium for sport activities. On the other hand, someone might find it interesting and practical way to explore Prague on bike. So if you think that renting a bike might be a good idea, here are several tips where you can do it.

There is quite well-known Praha bike tour&rental company located near the Old Town Square, in the street Dlouha 24. They offer both guided bike tours, and bike rental, and are opened daily from 9 to 19. However, I think this company is expensive. The bikes are ok, mountain bikes with suspended front, but today, you can get such a bike for several thousands CZK in any store. One day (24 hours) rental costs 590 CZK, plus prepare a 2000 CZK deposit for the bike. The advantage is that they give you a bike lock, a helmet, and a city map for free, and that bikes can be rented for less that a day for lower price.

Another company not far away from the centre is Skala Sport, in the street Cechova 3 (near Sparta stadium at Letna). This is a very good location, because it is very close to popular bike route between Letna, and Brevnov (BR-LE). So the prices for mountain bikes start at 196 CZK per day plus 40 CZK for the helmet (optional). Here, you can also borrow, what they call “recumbent bike”, for 250 CZK per day. From Monday to Friday, they are opened between 10 and 20, on Saturday from 10 to 16, and finally Sunday, from 10 to 14. I’m sorry, but i don’t know how it is with deposit.

Last tip for today is the possibility of testing a bike of a first-rate quality for free. One can test Merida Trans Mission Speed (the price in stores is about 43 000 CZK), usually for two days or the weekend. This info is first hand as a good friend of mine borrowed this bike on Friday and returned it on Monday. You have to sign an agreement, and give a (huge) deposit of 15 000 CZK, before taking the bike. The company’s name and address is Cykloservis U Tyrse, Jaselska 38 (Praha-Dejvice). You can also call them on phone 224 319 738 when in Prague.

I hope someone finds this info interesting and useful before the winter comes.

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An invitation for an ice-hockey match in Prague

Oct 19, 00:47 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

Ice hockey in Prague T-Mobile Arena in Holesovice The Czech ice hockey O2 Extraliga resumed on Friday September 8 after the summer break with several changes, and I would like to invite you to come and see a match. The most relevant change is that the next spring, no team descends to a lower league. Last year’s winner HC Sparta Praha will try to defend the title.

Many foreign players in Czech teams show evidence of keeping the quality of the games high, much like achievements of Czech Republic in international tournaments. Of course, the national team is formed mainly with players playing in NHL, Russia, or Swedish Elitserien, however, all these players went through Czech hockey school. One more important change is introducing penalty shootouts when a game is tied after overtime period.

Sparta Praha - Czech ice hockey team from Prague I went to the match in Sparta’s Prague T-mobile Arena, against HC Znojemsti Orli, where Sparta won 2:1. The home team was more compact and deserved to win, but it was not a clear-cut winning and their rival was a good-class. The plus of Sparta is a stable fan club, which always comes to support them, thus creating a good atmosphere. There is also a fair visit rate of several thousand people. Entrance tickets vary from 40 to 130 CZK per match. They can be bought at Ticketpro network, or at a stadium’s entrance gate no. 30. To get there, take metro C (red) to Nadrazi Holesovice and then one stop by any tram, direction Vystaviste.

Other Prague team in Extraliga is HC Slavia Praha, which lost the final to Sparta last year. Slavia plays home games in modern Sazka Arena with capacity up to 18000 seats. Prices for the tickets vary from 139 to 405 CZK per game, and the stadium is situated at metro stop Ceskomoravska. These tickets can be bought in Sazka ticket terminals almost everywhere, or at a stadium on the day of the match.

If you go, don’t forget to start the audience Mexican wave or at least be a part of it :-).

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AC Sparta Praha in UEFA Football Cup this autumn

Oct 14, 00:36 (Filed under: Sport in Prague, Prague events )

Sparta Praha - football team from Prague Football matches between international teams are usually very attractive, and as it is quite actual now, I decided to write about it a little bit more.

Earlier this month, in UEFA headquarters, Swiss town Nyon, there was a group stage computer draw of UEFA Cup. The Czech Republic has three representatives this year, Liberec, Mlada Boleslav, and Sparta Praha. Other local team, Slavia Praha, couldn’t make it through Tottenham Hotspur.

Sparta Praha AC Sparta Praha plays in group F against interesting rivals including AFC Ajax Amsterdam, and RCD Espanyol Barcelona. The rule is that each team plays two home matches and twice as a visiting team, no return matches. First three teams from each group will be completed by eight teams from the champions league to form the first knockout round. Finally, the final match will be played at Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

The first Sparta’s match is a home one against Espanyol on Thursday Oct 19 at 20:15. Advance sale of tickets to this game is starting on Oct 12 in team’s Customer Centre. The price varies from 250 CZK to 950 CZK depending on the sector. The address is Milady Horakove 98, and the area as you probably know is called Letna. I think they are opened daily from nine to late afternoon, but they have a lunch break between 12-13. You can contact the centre at their e-mail address

Michal Bilek - head coach of Sparta Praha Another Sparta’s home match is against Ajax on Nov 23. I haven’t found any press analyses, comments, or predictions yet, but according to Sparta’s head coach Michal Bilek:

Ajax are the clear favourites and Espanyol are also a very strong side. We can play well-balanced games with the two other opponents and can advance. It’s very attractive group for the fans.

I guess it’s true, it will be very attractive if the full house of cca twenty thousand people arrive to support „Iron Sparta“.

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Where to go see and join sexy bodies playing beach volleyball in Prague?

Sep 24, 07:57 (Filed under: Sport in Prague )

As I wrote I am mad about Beach volleyball this year so why not spread this wonderful sport to others.

The easiest way to get to Timeout Arena in the Strahov area with the public transportation is to use tram either no. 15, 22, 25 or 23 and get off at the stop Malovanka. Then you need to walk up the hill for maybe 3-4 minutes to the famous Strahov stadium (the largest in the world, seating nearly 250 000 people).

Prices start at 120 CZK per hour during the morning play. In the afternoon/evening, it increases to 200 CZK per hour. If you are a student, you will have a discount. However, I’m not sure if they lend you the ball as well, we always use our own and I’ve never asked about this. Well, I think they do, It would be ridiculous if you cannot borrow a ball there, but it may cost something.

And of course also something more about Prague sandy beach at Vltava river bank in Smichov. I personally don’t like it there, although the place possesses some magic in it. To me, the beach and the pool are really small. What I do like is the location and the view. Old buildings of Prague everywhere around.

Back to the beach volleyball, though. So the price for the court is 150 CZK per hour including the ball, which is good. And yes, you will probably meet here sexy sporty looking types, both girls and guys, playing. Are you ready to join them or even challenge them for a game?

If you go, please, make a comment how you liked the place. And watch out that you don’t hit the ball straight to Vltava River.

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The spirit of Bawag Bank Grand Prix - part of Prague international Marathon

Sep 16, 00:16 (Filed under: Sport in Prague, Prague events )

Prague International Marathon As every year also Bawag Bank Grand Prix run was unforgettable – well organised, full of special spirit supported by both the runners and the audience. Both the men’s and the women’s race featured a lot of top athletes from many different countries (e.g. the Czech Republic, Kenya, Great Britain, America, Denmark and others).

There were many special features prepared for the runners to help them get into the right racing mood. Each participant was entitled to have an unusual breakfast for free right at Old Town Square to have enough energy for the race. Before the Adidas women’s run there was an aerobics warming up and the race itself was started by its patron, well-known Czech athlete Ludmila Formanova. Both men and women were supported during the race by the rhythms of great drummer band Tam Tam Batucada. Also the support they received from the audience, tourists and passers-by was excellent. After finishing the race, each contestant received a medal and small refreshment. Moreover, each of them got a 50 percent discount for the performance of the Brazilian singer Célia Mara in the club Roxy that night.

A special programme was prepared even for those, who didn’t participate in the run. Well-known Czech personality, Leila Abbas, led them through the morning full of interesting performances, contests and music. There were also some catchy attractions for the children, where they could win a lot of interesting prices.

After all races have finished, the runners gathered at Old Town Square to wait for a huge tombola (in the tombola all the numbers from every Prague International Marathon race of the year 2006 were included), where they could win one of more than 150 worthy prices. These consisted mainly of cosmetics, nutrition, beverages and other gifts donated by the PIM sponsors. The first price were 2 flight tickets to Brussels + a 3-day stay in a four-star hotel in Brussels, wow!

The weather was sunny and the atmosphere was brilliant. Everyone, who managed to catch just a piece of this spirit, was returning home satisfied, with a smile on his face.

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Cool down in the swimming pool in Podoli or Lhotka

Sep 6, 11:48 (Filed under: Advice, Sport in Prague )

Podoli swimming pool in Prague The weather forecast for next days in Czech Republic is again hot above-average. The window in my room is eastwards, so every morning, I know what I’m talking about. So why not visit Podoli swimming pool complex near Vltava river in these days.

This Prague’s swimming complex is the largest in town, and one will meet there mainly local people, but also small groups of tourists. Next to the pools, there is a large green area, which allures for a sunbathing nap. There is one 50 metres pool specialized for swimming and one smaller to get cold or fool around a bit. Plus one more pool for children. On the edge, there is a middle-sized water slide. I must say I haven’t tried the slide, I was too lazy to stand in a five-minutes-long queue.

The water is enjoyable, with 26 degrees. Even if the sky rapidly shifts round and it starts to rain, no need to leave. There is another 50 metres in-door swimming pool. In the showers, one can try free water vapour room. Other paid services include massage or sauna. As a refreshment, cold drinks (beer, too, of course) and some pizza and sandwiches are available in the buffet. I ate this pizza, it was good, but 30 CZK for one small slice was too much. The disadvantage is that springboards with different heights are forbidden to use to prevent from accident, because the smaller pool is filled with people under.

I think that the prices to get in are adequate. Being a student, I paid 80 CZK for one day pass, adults pay 140 CZK. In the afternoon, after 15 o’clock, the price for both the adults and students settles at 80 CZK. The place is opened daily from six to almost ten in the night. Actually, I think they only close on Christmas Eve and New Year’s day. The complex is located in the street Podolska 74, and the easiest way to get there is to take one of the trams no. 3, 16, 17, 21 from the centre to the stop Kublov, and walk on less than hundred metres. You can see it from the tram stop.

And don’t get scared if you see inside many topless girls :-).

Natural pool in Lhotka - part of Prague 4 Thanks Nicks’ advice you can also try natural pool Koupaliste Lhotka which you will find in Nad Koupadly Street in Prague 4 not far away from Podoli.
You can get there by tram No.3 to Cerny Kun station and continue by bus No.121 to V Zatisi station.

Lhotka pool is open Monday – Sunday from 9:00 – 19:00 and the entrance fee is 50 CZK for adults, 20 CZK for children, free up to 3 years old.

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