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English Lessons On Skype

Aug 09, 2013 17:57 | Mat

Teaching English classes on Skype is such a new revolution in learning and a new income for English Teachers. It can work well if the online agency can support can manage the online system. But, some new schools in foreign countries are often quite pathetic in working with the technology and the teachers who are giving their time for work. Some online schools in poorer countries have been known for stealing money from teachers and acting unprofessionally about the work that they ‘promise’ to offer to teachers. Jazyková škola ELFI is one example of a new Skype teaching agency in Slovakia. ELFI has stolen money from many teachers who have registered with the school. The school is run by a woman called Slavka. She started her school called Jazyková škola ELFI (ELFI Language School). She is a thief who has kept wages from teachers. Her marketing and advertising is fake. She has stolen money and not paid teachers in full. ELFI language school is a fraudulent language school and they have been investigated for crimes. A few teachers who worked for them were never paid for classes that they have taught. Slavka is a very convincing lady who has asked teachers to post videos for her website. She is targeting Native speakers for various languages. She is looking for British Native Speakers who would teach English on the internet. But, after you register with her, she will use your video profile to get students who will pay her a huge fee for English lessons. Slavka will then ask you to teach the students…..but you will not receive the payment for the lessons. This has happened to some of the teachers who have registered with her online agency. Some teachers were only paid properly at the start of her business. But after a few months, the teachers were not paid fully or just not paid at all. Slavka is a thief and she is conning many Native Teachers. Slavka typically asks you to teach classes over a certain period of time, before she claims to pay you. But, most teachers are not getting paid fully and some are never paid. Normally, an agency would charge a fee to the students. Then, from this huge fee, there would be a certain proportion that would be paid out to the teacher. This is how agencies work. However, in the case of ELFI, they have been retaining all the money that was paid by the students. Slavka is keeping this money for herself and ‘stealing’ the wages that are owed to the teacher. She is a racist woman who uses Video profiles to get herself huge fees for lessons….and she does not pay wages to the teachers who have taught the lessons. She does not care about the teachers who are working for her. She cares about the money but not the teachers who she is ripping off. Be careful about Jazyková škola ELFI. Slavka, the woman behind this scam is really good at taking money and stealing wages from teachers.

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