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Prague Language Schools

Aug 21, 2013 18:52 | Harold

A lot of language schools in Prague are becoming saturated with teachers, as Prague continues to become a hot spot for travel and enjoying the night life. Teaching English in Prague was a very easy and convenient way to get yourself a decent wage while you enjoy the great thrills of Prague night life. BUT, sadly, those days are now gone as the language schools of Prague are no longer so friendly or accommodating to your needs. Language schools are now becoming rather less interesting and convenient to work for. A lot of schools are purely interested in gaining business and growth, but not looking after the teachers who give the hearts and souls to work in Prague. Wages for teachers have shot down, as schools try to make more money. The clients of language schools are becoming far more important than the teachers who are employed. A growing number of teachers are coming to Prague, so the schools are playing hard with people. They now have the pleasure of choosing from such a big pool of teachers. It has become a contest show with teachers becoming saturated in Prague and made to feel like an excess that needs to be kept in garbage bin and maybe re-cycle or thrown out to the dogs. English teachers are no longer the valuable asset that they used to be in Prague. And yet…..you find some language schools who have staff that can not even speak correct English…! The attitudes of some schools have drastically changed and they are now becoming a frontier of cold and harsh behaviour towards teachers. They have the pleasure of choice, and they have the ease of administration…..because they want the teachers to be self-employed (which is a stressful and expensive process in Prague). Even after all this, language teachers are finding themselves employed as part time with many schools and working privately. Some schools in Prague are very well known to consistently lie about the work they offer to teachers. You want a full-time job with one school..? School such as Presto language school are disorganised, don’t pay you on time and impose strange penalties that you are not even aware of. Presto language school has a racist attitude on employment. They employ far more Czechs that other nations and they prefer white teachers. The reception staff are occasionally polite and mostly unresponsive to supporting teachers. Course administrators at Presto are known to be dis-organised with courses that they offer and have been dis-honest with critical details of the courses. Presto schools are a bunch of thieves who have not paid wages in full to many staff over a period of a few years. During the financial crisis there have been huge cut backs that were simply through unpaid wages from teachers. Presto language school are racist thieves who lie about the courses they offer and they have a rather unprofessional outlook towards their non-Czech teachers. If you are a native language teacher, then Presto is a bad choice as they just can’t be trusted. What good is a language school that is dishonest, cause inconvenience, steal your wages and offer little support and loyalty….?

Mar 02, 2014 15:10 | Dean

Yeah, Presto are rubbish. They pay very low, even late and their course department is dis-organised. They expect a lot for a school that has low pay and crap working conditions.

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