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Modern Prague Culture & Society....A Shocking Truth

Aug 21, 2013 20:01 | Marcus

Prague has changed drastically since it’s ancient times. The great legends such as King Charles IV, Hus, Dubcek, Havel were iconic people who are greatly respected…..

But, it is shocking that modern culture in Prague is so disgraceful. Czechs are mainly a cold and racist society with many women working as prostitutes, selling themselves out and no sense of pride and loyalties. Modern Czech culture is based on deception and greed. Czech people have not adapted well to Democracy. In fact, democracy in Czech society was really created ‘artificially’ with western branding and American high-powered business men who wanted to secure their empire in the post revolution years, as there was chaos in the regulations and black markets, loop-holes, etc. Communism was a sad period which really aggravated the Czech people. Now, Czechs have mostly become a selfish society, full of taking and exploiting from the west. They have lost the sense of pride in their history. Instead, there is corruption, fraud, mafia, annoying communication barriers and red tape. The communist mentality is still amongst the society. Czechs know how to play the system and exploit the western tourist. it is because of tourism that Czech have such wealth and they abuse this wealth as the money is abused and exploited by corruption, mafia and police. Prostitution is the greatest income to the city…..and it is well known to find a culture of Czech women who live as whores and sell their soul for the pursuit of money, greed and corruption.

It could be said that modern Czech culture is a ‘prostitution’ of its former glory days, before the communist era. Czech society ‘was’ amazing with great achievement….but the downturn of communism and the Czech racist mentality have caused the country to turn into chaos and a lack of respect and real identity.

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