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Black Guys in Prague

Nov 17, 2014 18:44 | afro

Black men in Prague are often the most lowest form of society as they live here illegally, sell drugs on the streets and cause trouble for other people. Most black guys in Prague are stealing or running some kind of fraud and scam so they can afford to live. They use their illegal money to ‘impress’ the Czech Women… and these Czech women do not care how the black men are making money…. as long as they get some nice treatment. Czech women are normally quite racist towards Black men, so what has changed..?

Well, black niggers are getting their value increased by Czech women. They are getting a face lift. The dark shit faces are becoming more and more popular in Prague…. and the Czech women are not treating them as the black dirty filth….because the women are helping these black guys to live illegally and run their scam, and sell drugs on the streets.

However, Czech Women are still racist towards black men… but they only use them for their big dick and illegal money. Czech women just want the money. They do not really love black guys because these afro cunts have no potential, but just to live on the black market and underground culture.

Nov 17, 2014 19:43 | sam

Czech women only like black guys for their big dick and to spend their illegal money. They want to just have some fun with black guys, smoke their weed and suck the black cock.

Czech women are really selfish bitches who just want to play with black guys and then spit them out like rubbish. I do not know any Czech women who are really in a proper relationship with black guys.

For black guys this is a paradise. After all, they are still considered as a low class of society in Prague. They are the black filth, because they choose to live rough and cause trouble.

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