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Where can i find nice women in Prague - bars, clubs, etc

May 12, 2015 16:33 | Fred

I wanna find some nice czech girls, but where are the best places that are local geneuine girls in Prague. i don’t mean the center places where the girls are looking for rich guys, just for the gold diggin. I want a nice local czech girl from a bar that is nice and easy. Any recommendations?

Aug 19, 2016 12:11 | Barry

Finding girls in clubs is probably better than some of the expat dating sites out there. In Prague, a lot of the local women here are gold diggers on dating sites. And another thing to be careful with is the ‘speed dating’ agencies here. You should watch out for these. Here is a an agency called ‘Find Lamour’ and it is owned by a thief called Katarina Nemcova. She charges high fees for her speed dating and even steals money from people… basically she reserves you a spot. So you then arrive but it is full. So you try to come back next week, but full up again… and meanwhile she has taken your money for it. Avoid this scam. This agency will rip you off. Speed dating in Prague is over-hyped and a joke!

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