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Sales Job Scam in Prague - sales and marketing executives - fraud and scams

May 12, 2015 17:12 | Sales Job Scam in Prague - watch out and get ready for scammers

Beware of some sales companies in Prague who are recruiting people by selling them a lie for a ‘dream job’, and then once in, they are being trained to sell a lie and deceive people in order to make commissions which are not even attainable. Figures and ‘facts’ are given to new recruits, but the truth is that they are selling services which the company is not even clear about. Recruits are selling on the phone, and they are often pushed to such levels that they are forced to harass and spam companies with a sales pitch which is mostly a hyped up spin-off on features and benefits. There are many firms selling ‘conferences’ on various events and in various industries. This conference selling is a big sales spam in Prague now and they recruit almost anybody, as long as they are stupid enough to be manipulated, controlled and directed to be making 100s of cold calls each day, selling loads of fake features for conferences… and then made to look like harassing firms and then those staff are made to feel dejected and worthless piles of crap. Of course, the companies make their money, but they try to steal the commissions that are owed to the staff. The so-called commissions are subjected to very strict conditions which are never honestly explained to those sales staff and rules are manipulated and changed at any time… so they rarely receive the commissions that ‘they think’ are owed to them. This is why these firms pay a low basic wage, just enough to entice and attract desperate and stupid people into a degrading and despicable environment. So, they are sold this ‘dream job’, based on lies, then they are trained to sell lies and deception themselves… a vicious rat race, and sickening. One firm who is the master of this is Marcus Evans… and you can see their scam exposed online… just google and type in ‘Marcus Evans Exposed’ and you can see the scam exposed.

May 13, 2015 09:24 | Paul

Yes, I knew this place Marcus Evans. I worked there in Prague and met a guy called Edward Giangrosso. This guy is a mean, selfish liar who called me from head hunting my CV. He promises the job with all the benefits but fails to mention the true nature of the job just as described above. The firm Marcus Evans is a scam, a very good one that has worked well for their business. they have a huge turnover of staff, because many people get manipulated, have their terms of contract played around with, and get the commission stolen. They are selling you the lie for a job and then you sell lies to deceive the firms. You are made to harass firms all day long with a bull script and then you are put in the firing line for any problems. Avoid this firm and be careful if you get a call from Edward Giangrosso. He is a fraudster who lies to get people under his wing, so that he can manipulate them and enslave them with disgusting work conditions. I was surprised how easy I got the job there. They are desperate for people to cold call for them and lie their pants off. I am glad I quit the jobs and set free from that hell.

Feb 11, 2016 17:33 | Dan

Yeah, I met this guy Ed there too. He was a fat cunt and not very nice Edward Giangrosso is a thief who has kept some commission that he owes to sales staff. A fat greedy peice of shit. Don’t trust this Italian American con man

May 22, 2016 22:15 | Ron

I was interviewed by This Edward Giagrosso. He was very pushy about the job but not saying so much about the salary, benefits. I wouldn’t wanna work for this guy after what I read now

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