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Oct 14, 2005 18:06 | Orlando
Are there many types of transport in prague, who goes far from de inner city, and far from all the places that we have got to visit?The buses stay until which hour at night. The taxi are expensive?
Oct 18, 2005 10:58 | Patrick

Prague has an extremely well-integrated public transportation system that goes well outside the city centre to many attractive sights. The metro runs until midnight, while special night buses and trams take over for the regular daytime buses and trams after midnight. You can find out more about it at

As for taxis, they can be expensive and have a reputation for ripping off tourists (they even ripped off the mayor of Prague – when he was disguised as an Italian tourist). Some tables with prices have been placed at various taxi ranks, such as the one across from the Tesco at Narodni Trida.

In my opinion, taxis are, for the most part, too expensive and are only worth getting if you are in a hurry, extremely cold, or extremely drunk.

I hope that helps!



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