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Oct 21, 2005 18:20 | Jay

where is the best palce to go to get high class female escorts?

Oct 24, 2005 18:13 | Patrick

Hey Jay,

Can’t really help you there. I can only suggest popping over to www.seznam.cz and searching for “escorts”. K5 and Big Sister are Prague’s high-end sex clubs (at least judging by all their advertising) where you can probably find what you want. Big Sister is actually something like an all-you-can-eat (insert food-related innuendo here – I like “beef curtain” myself) buffet – you pay one price and get down to business as much and as long as you want. At least that’s the impression I get from their ads.

Here’s the catch: all of your frolicking is captured on webcam to be distributed to the web via the Big Sister web site. From what I gather, everything and everyone gets filmed everywhere in the place.

Hope that helps.


Prague Spot Content Manager

Jul 08, 2006 19:50 | Lina

Hi there.

I’m coming to Prague in the end of July from Copenhagen. I love clubbing. Just wanted to ask about some nice, fancy, trendy, hot clubs with r’n’b-soul-funk-hiphop-raggae music. If u have them of course…



Jul 24, 2006 22:17 | tord

Bigsister :)

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