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Pub/Bar Crawl in Prague

Nov 09, 2005 23:12 | Lee

Can anyone help? I am best man for an English stag party of 28 going to Prague next Friday, 18th November. Where is the best ‘area’ to go where tere is lotsof choice of different bars close together? As we are such a big group we need to have a ‘patch’ that is easy for us all to go to different bars and pick out a meeting place for later on.

Also, any tips for a good old cheap ‘local pub’ for an afternoon, we are staying at Hotel Atlantic on Na Porici 9.

Cheers in advance.

Nov 15, 2005 06:32 | Patrick

Hi Lee,

You’re staying in a great location. If you just walk up Na Porici to Namesti Republiky, you’ll find the ‘patch’ you need. For a group your size, you may want to consider Chateau as your meeting point – it is very close to Namesti Republiky. From there I would suggest just wandering around the area – you’ll find plenty of interesting places to drink, though be warned that there are a number of bars here that are rather anti-stag party. Also, try and keep an eye on your bills, as chances are you’ll come across the odd crooked waiter or waitress – this is more the exception than the rule, but it is something to be aware of. If they try charging you a “service charge” without giving you any prior notice, tell them to piss off because they only do this to foreigners – this kind of thing still happens to me and my Czech fiancee. Actually, the best way to avoid this is to pay as you go.

I hope you and your mates have a great time here in Prague!



Prague Spot Content Manager

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