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new year's eve

Dec 12, 2005 18:12 | Stevo


Wich club(s) should we really go on new year’s eve? Is there any special stuff going on where we could / should go?!

Are there places where you can only get in by pre-sale on that night?

I heard of a club with 4 or 5 floors with different music styles, is it really that good?

Grtz from Belgium


Dec 16, 2005 02:13 | Patrick

Hi Stevo,

Prague is full of action on New Years’ Eve. The club you are referring to is called Karlovy Lazne (www.karlovylazne.cz). The crowd is young, lively and loud, and the variety of musical styles is great – from house through trance to rock&pop, and then some. The entry fee is pretty steep by Prague standards (800 koruna, includes free champagne – my guess is a free glass of cheapass Bohemia Sekt) and can only be purchased at the club in advance (i.e. before December 31). If you decide to go to Karlovy Lazne I highly recommend getting there early on New Years Eve (7-8 pm) as it is notorious for its ridiculously long queues.

Other good options are Roxy (www.roxy.cz) and Akropolis (www.palacakropolis.cz), though both will undoubtedly require you to buy tickets in advance. Prague.tv has a very comprehensive list of what?s happening in Prague on New Years Eve (http://prague.tv/articles/nightlife/new-years-eve-events-2005-06).

A word of warning: if you decide to go outside at midnight, be careful as people in Prague (locals, tourists and expats alike, in all parts of the city) tend to get unbelievably idiotic with fireworks.

If you have any more questions about spending New Years Eve in Prague, please don?t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your stay in Prague and have a safe and happy New Year!


Patrick Seguin

Content Manager, Prague Spot

Dec 19, 2005 13:02 | Stephen cahill

Hi Patcick,

I too will be there for new years eve.

Apart from the clubs, are their any other late night bars that you would recommend that don’t charge huge amounts of money to get in?

We get there on the 27th for 5 days – any tips for bars with cheap beer in the other nights before new years??

We are staying in the prague 2 area near to Wencelas square.



Oct 26, 2007 01:50 | ewa

hi, looking for some good musik pub in prague for new year’ eve.any ideas????????????????dont eally want to spend it on the street…....
we’re desperate….

Nov 06, 2007 14:52 | Nikolas

Dear ewa hi,

If would you like I can invite you in Greece !
My e-mail is: nickargen@yahoo.com



Dec 30, 2007 00:57 | Debs


Myself and a friend are flying to Prague on New Year’s eve arrive around 7pm, could anyone please advise where best to go? and also do they have a street party going on? I went to Budapest for New Year a few years ago and they had a street party which was really good and wondered if Prague had the same.

Any advice or info would be greatly received.

Thanks, Debs.

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