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Good bars

Jan 03, 2006 17:23 | Zoe


I spent NY 2004 in Prague and loved it. I’m returning on 26 Jan for 4 days with a mixed buch (couples,singles, male,female)and need some hints on where to drink. Last time I came I spent most of the time drinking in bars around Wencelas square which i found a bit pricey. Also, our hotel was in the suburbs so we had to haggle with taxi drivers every night to get back to our hotel. I’m looking to book accomodation more central….any ideas? There are 9 of us.

Jan 04, 2006 10:59 | Patrick

Hi Zoe,

There are plenty of reasonably priced bars in the centre, even on Wenceslas Square, but they can be kind of hard to find. Batalion is the first one that comes to mind. Near Old Town Square you’ll find Chateau which isn’t the cheapest of bars, but it’s not unreasonable. One of my personal fave bars in Prague 1 is U Zpevacku, which is near a great lounge called Iron Door (Zelezne Dvere, aka Nebe).

You’ll find plenty of cool spots in the districts of Prague 2 (Vinohrady) and Prague 3 (Zizkov), as well as Prague 5, which are pretty much within walking distance of the centre – if you don’t mind a bit of a hike. I walk pretty much everywhere when I’m in town – perhaps not the safest thing to do at night, but since you’ll be in a large group you’ll all be fine.

Check my blog (www.prague-spot.com/blog) and the “Where to eat and drink” (www.prague-spot.com/restaurants) section of the website for suggestions on where to go (sorry that you have to copy and paste the urls into your browser – html coding doesn’t work in the forums for some reason). Prague.tv also has a good list of hip, reasonably-priced bars and clubs (www.prague.tv).

As for where to stay, check the list at http://www.prague-spot.com/hotel-search?a=1&b=7&c=2006&d=3&e=0&f=&g=1&i1=1&i2=1&i3=1&j3=1&j4=1&sort=3 – it’s sorted according to district (Prague 1 and up). Once you’ve found a place that suits your needs, you can book it directly through this site.

I hope that helps. Please feel free to contact me either here in the forum or via email if you have any more questions. Have a great time in Prague!


Patrick Seguin

Prague Spot Content Manager

Jan 21, 2006 21:42 | zoe

Thanks for that. We arrive on 26th Jan. I believe it has been snowing. How much snow should we expect?

Jan 23, 2006 18:47 | Patrick

It has been snowing, but a lot of that snow has melted. And then frozen. And melted. Rinse and repeat.

This is from our “Short introduction to the four seasons in Prague” (http://www.prague-spot.com/seasons):

January to March?

Old Town in winter

?tends to be wet and gray, and the days are unbelievably short, but none of this detracts from Prague’s vibrancy. If anything, the longer nights are a bonus. For instance, when it is all lit up, Prague Castle is far more awe-inspiring than it is during the day. The Church of Our Lady Before Tyn in Old Town Square looks like something out of a Gothic fairy tale directed by Tim Burton. Simply put, Prague absolutely shines at night.

While gazing at the city?s spotlit splendour, you can enjoy a soothing cup of svarak, or mulled wine, which is hot red wine mixed with a fragrant blend of spices (mainly cloves and cinnamon), and, if you like, sugar. And, of course, there is the added bonus of smaller crowds.

Though the weather is rather cold and dreary at this time of the year, Prague is a damn good-looking city after the sun goes down. Just be aware of black ice on those near-Arctic evenings, especially when pub-crawling ;-)



Prague Spot Content Manager

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