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Hotels in safe areas

Mar 31, 2006 13:48 | Shane

There are 10 of us travelling to Prague on the weekend of April 21st. Can anyone recommend city centre hotels in a SAFE area as we had a very bad experience in Barcelona last year.

Thanks in advance for any help…


Jul 21, 2007 21:22 | Glenn Kleier

Hi. I caught your email about having a bad experience in Barcelona. Sorry to hear that. My wife and I will be traveling to Barcelona this fall, and we were wondering if you have any advice for us to save us the same misfortune.

Thanks so much for your help.


Glenn & Pam Kleier

Aug 12, 2007 23:20 | Danny

Prague is safe city with wonderfull architecture. I have been there two times and received sales code with 2% sale. I will not go there I am not in good shape so I would like to propose it you. Everybody can use this code when you want: aaccpp22.

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