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Train price from Prague to Berlin?

Jul 18, 2006 22:06 | Jie

hi, there

I am living in Sweden and going to Prague for travel since July 23 and will stay until July 28. Then I have plan to go Berlin by train.

I wonder what is the train price for this journey if I book at Prague? Any tip for train purchase?

I know it is possible to book train ticket on

and the discount ticket price is 39 euro per adult.

The problem is there is no e-ticket and the ticket must be sent by post, which needs 8 days. However I am leaving soon and have no chance to receive it before I leave.

Any one know something about the train ticket from Prague to Berlin?

Thanks in advance!

Aug 03, 2006 17:46 | Marta Fernandez

I want to know the timeables and prices of trains from prague to Budapest or Berlin for the day 11 August 2006 if its posible. Thanks!

Nov 07, 2008 01:31 | ayca

Hi there Jie,

I am in the same condition as you were in this summer. I will be travelling from Berlin to Prague and back soon. I bought the ticket to Prague from but I can’t purchase for the return journey(no e-ticket).

I am curious, what did you do??

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