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Jul 22, 2006 11:08 | Jon


I’m with a party of 40 that are visiting Prague next Thursday for a couple of days and staying on Na Porici.

The weather is meant to be good so ideally would like some tips on bars which have a beer garden or are large enough to fit a large group in.

Also, any recommendations for clubs to visit. Ideally would like some indie music?


Jul 22, 2006 22:58 | Tord

Lots of clubs, Karlovy Lazne, Celnice etc etc

Strip club – Goldfingers, K5, Desire

Buy Prague play pass at the czech airline shop at the Prague airport or www.pragueplaypass.com

Prague play pass is the nighlife and day activities pass in Prague

very popular

I avoided all the queues with this pass

Jul 23, 2006 08:48 | P.

What a load of crap – don’t buy this pass. The only club in Prague that ever gets a queue is Karlovy Lazne, and that’s just a club for ignorant frat boys and bubble-headed bimbos.

Ok, there are also queues at Roxy, which is a far cooler club, but the bouncers will laugh in your face if you present them with such a pass.

Jul 23, 2006 10:13 | Tord

Roxy is a nice club too.

I disagree Karlovy Lazne is not good. It is the biggest club in Prague.

play pass has many clubs – Klub lavka, Celnice, MMC universe,M1 sectret Lounge,Nebe, U Maleho, K5, Desire, goldfingers. All I know is play pass works with czech airlines.

Jul 23, 2006 11:38 | P.

Just because Karlovy Lazne is the biggest club in Prague doesn’t make it the best. The bouncers are oafs, and the crowds are shallow. I suppose if you’re just passing through then it’s worth checking out – if you don’t mind queuing. I’m rather sceptical about that pass working, considering how meatheaded the bouncers can be – example: on leaving with my wife on the sole occasion that I went to the place, we saw my brother in law on his way in with some friends. We said hi to my wife’s brother and for some reason the bouncer thought that we were making fun of him and started giving my brother in law a hard time. Then we really started to make fun of him, but somehow defused the situation.

The people inside aren’t much better – all Eurotrash and trust fund babies. Bleagh, phooey, barf. If you’ve got an iota of taste and class take your money elsewhere.

None of the other clubs you mentioned get queues, and only a few of them charge cover. Since you’re obviously writing advertising copy for prague play pass, you should learn a little more about writing enticing copy – namely, tell the readers here what the benefits of the pass are. Queue jumping is one, but only applies to one club – I visited the website (which validates your post in an odd way, I suppose) and you are grossly misrepresenting the ppp.

Also, the way in which you answered the first poster’s question makes it pretty obvious that you really don’t give a shit about where he and his crew go – give details, addresses, links, etc. If I owned ppp and you were my copywriter I’d fire your ass for being so lazy.

Jul 23, 2006 12:17 | Tord

I am not writing anything for PP

The pass is not just for queue jump. it gives you Free entry. Not all clubs, only the selected clubs which the pass has a deal with.

The bouncers of the play pass partners are well aware to accept the pass. infact in all the play pass partners you see a stciker on the window

The pass gives you free entry and in some bars free drinks..the pass give free entry, free drinks, big discounts of culture, sightseeing, shooting etc.

For 65 selected places.

Not Roxy club though

if you add the entry costs of clubs plus drink the saving on each pass is huge- just on clubs and bars ..

one play pass cost 19.99 euros.

entry to Karlovy Lazne cost 4.20 euros?

if you are interested in strip club for example, K5 entry cost 18 euros + with play pass you get one free drink costin 10 euros = 28 euros saving

these are just example of 2 places. it has so may daytime activities, meals etc etc

Listen I was impressed with the pass. I am swedish so dont live in prague

I am not getting the sack :)

Jul 23, 2006 20:35 | P.

Now that’s what I’m talking about – the goods, the whole goods and nothing but the goods, not just a pass that helps you jump queues. Well done.

Sep 18, 2006 07:08 | Marek Prokop

Upon the request of Play Pass Ltd, the owner of the Prague Spot web site want to make clear that none of the above statements about Prague Play Pass were posted by Play Pass Ltd and do not express this company’s opinion. You may visit the Play Pass’ web site to learn more about Prague Play Pass.

Marek Prokop


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