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train to Berlin

Aug 19, 2006 17:25 | sue

Hi, I want to go to Berlin from Prague, I would like to ask if the price different from buying it online or at the station. Also, where would be the chestest place to buy train ticket?

many thanks!


Aug 23, 2006 20:32 | simon

hi sue

the train takes 5 hours to get to berlin from prague.

you can buy your tickets in the uk before you travel

from rail europe in london picadilly road.

or you can book it on line


Apr 12, 2007 18:14 | Cristina


What site? Where can I book it online?

Aug 04, 2009 10:48 | husine


I am in Prague on tourist Visa. I want to go to Berlin on week end. Please guide me on,
1) where I can get Train / Bus Tickets for Berlin?
2) Do i need to book return ticket in advanced?
3) Which will be the cheapest place in Berlin for 1 night stay?(Please suggest safe n good place, as I am travelling with my family)

Please advice me, as I am newer in European country.

Thanks in advanced.

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