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7 Angels Restaurant - NOT Recommended!

Dec 14, 2006 23:35 | Jason Wise

I visited Prague this week with my wife and one evening we visited the 7 Angels Restaurant.

Despite being informed that this restaurant did take credit cards, when we finished our meal the waiter informed us that the restaurant only took cash.

I could not believe so I asked again to confirm and they reiterated that they only took cash.

I then had to leave my wife at the table while I went to a cashpoint as we did not have enough cash on us to pay for the meal.

The couple on the next table said they had been told earlier that day that the restaurant only took cash for tax reasons. This sounds very strange to me!

I was also not very impressed with the service and meal.

The waiters kept asking us for our orders even though we had already ordered via another waiter, and my wife’s mushrooms were tinned not fresh and the croquettes were from frozen.

All in all, I really would recommend anyone steer clear of this restaurant!!!!

Dec 22, 2006 16:43 | p

will keep that in mind…thanks

Mar 24, 2007 16:42 | KaTIE

Thanks for the warning. Will now cancel booking!!

Apr 05, 2007 16:14 | Gerry Kaar

Hi Guys,

This has got to be the worst or should I say only disappointment with 5 days in Prague

Frozen vegetables as side order for main course.

Frozen tuna main course!

All show and poor food.

Jan 11, 2009 05:11 | Grainne

This is a poor excuse for a restaurant. The service is ABYSMAL. We waited about 15 minutes to be given menus (like fools). We had to ask for bread around 5 times as did the people sitting next to us. I had to send my main course back twice and even after that it was inedible. The door to the smoking section was never closed so the cloud of smoke steadily made its way over to the non-smoking section. Our coats were taken on entry, yet on exit we had to go into the different cubbys of the restaurant to try to find them ourselves. We also had to ask for the bill three or four times before we got it. Overall, a shambolic affair. Avoid at all costs.

Feb 21, 2011 11:17 | Ciara O'Brien

Myself and my boyfriend went here on Saturday night. We got as far as the starter and the waiter brought me some type of goose and chips for my main course even though i had ordered Beef and potatoes. I told him that was not what i had ordered and referred to the menu. He then proceeded to almost shout at me saying the beef was ‘nothing’. but he had taken my order at the time and not advised that it was not available so i was very confused. He continued to shout ‘it is nothing’ so we just asked for the bill and my boyfriend sent his main course back also. we left, only paying for the drinks and starters we had. I also noticed that the bill was hadn-written which was weird. I was very disappointed as it looked like a nice Czech restaurant. The waiter was extremely rude and patronizing.

Sep 16, 2013 12:30 | Victor

Many years ago, I liked this restaurant for its food, decor, live Bohemian music, atmosphere, ...), but the last visit was very disappointing. The food was just OK and now without any music, the atmosphere was cold and uncomfortable. Worst, the service was unfriendly and uncompromising (can’t have tap water, must have a side dish, had to ask for the table candle to be lit, can’t split the bill, ...). Pity to have wasted a dinner there.

Apr 22, 2015 12:12 | Sam

Tried that place, service was slow and staff did not care.

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