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stag night

Jan 03, 2007 10:36 | Rick

Hello everyone,

One of our freinds is getting Married..so we 6 freinds have decided to give him away to his bride..very well trained …so can anyone let us know what are the best places to Party and stay in Prague …we just hear its the best place to be in now a days.



Jan 03, 2007 17:54 | Helena

Best music clubs in Prague (in my opinion:-)

Roxy, Dlouha Street 33 (dance parties, sometimes indie rock gigs…)

Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova Street 27 (rock, Latin music, funky…)

Radost FX, Belehradska Street 120 (typical dance parties club)

Mecca, U Pruhonu Street 3 (rather posh dance parties)

As for popular bars, I can recommend Chateau LĀ“Enfer Rouge, Jakubska Street 2, or Marquis de Sade, Templova Street 8

May 31, 2008 22:10 | rafran

My wufe and I are visiting Prague in October. I am in my 40s and she in her late 30s. Would like to dance and enjoy night life. We would like to have a private guide to avoid all the problems and going to the right places..Please..any suggestion in how to contact one…Thanks

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