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We had a very nice stay in Praha

Dec 02, 2004 13:05 | Crystal

Hereby I inform you that we had a very nice stay in Praha. The Hotel Kafka is good accessible from the city centre. The hotel is nice: not luxe, but very complete and clean. Also breakfast was good. The only disadvantage was the reception; not very friendly.

We can recommend a nice restaurant; Fregata. Just outside the centre, but good food, nice staff and cheap. It’s a fish restaurant, where you can eat besides very good fish dishes also really good Czech cuisine, so it’s very good!! The address is Ladova 3, Praha2.

Then we can also recommend a bar. A medieval beer- cafe, crowded with tourists but also with Czechs. With outdoor patio, live music and home-made beer. A special experience! (except for the “selling trick” of the liquor) Address: Kremencova 11, Prague 1

And then, besides the usual hotspots like Prague Castle, we really enjoyed walking in the Jewish Town, Josefov. Very beautiful buildings and shops and impressive sites like synagogue and the Jewish cemetary.

Last but not least, we also liked the walk through Stromovka, a big and very beautiful city-park in the north of Praha.

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