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Nightlife in Prague

Dec 02, 2004 13:11 | Inken

About the nightlife, I really liked

La Bastille cocktail bar/restaurant in Ujezd 26/426 Mala Strana

They offered really nice food(also pasta etc.) and drinks to great prices.A good place to go to at late night though.

Club Restaurant Vitezna 11 Mala Strana I’d say a rather typical Czech place to go, very small and familiar with traditional Czech cuisine,really delicious ,very good prices and a absolutely good service.

Star Cafe Na prikope 3 city center a nice place to get coffees of all kinds for take away to a reasonable price.

I really liked Frantiskanska zahrada just next to the Jungmannovo statue where one can sit down nicely and by passing the garden towards the little arcade ,there is a gorgeoues little ice coffee with typical Czech Ice cream,lovely cakes ,coffee etc. I am told and proved myself ;)

Reduta Jazz Club Narodni trida 20 Praha 1 A nice place indeed, which has every night from 9-12pm life music.

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