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Prague Party European Beauties!!

Jan 12, 2007 13:58 | Mario

Hi, coming to prague with a group of friends on 02/02/2007 from the UK to party, party and more party. Have heard some amazing things about the place and coming along to experience the maximum nightlife that prague has to offer.

Im also interested in meeting the beautiful easter european girls and to party with them. Could please tell me where is the best place to meet girls from Prague?

Jan 17, 2007 16:46 | Helena


if you are into music, I can recommend you club Roxy (Dlouha street 33) – there are usually dance parties, sometimes live gigs. It is situated near the Old Town Square. Also Palac Akropolis (Kubelikova street 27) is good, but it is a bit farther from the centre of the city. You can also try La Fabrique in Uhelny trh 2.

You will find many bars in the centre of Prague. Very popular is for example the Chateau LĀ“Enfer Rouge in Jakubska street 2. Some more bars and clubs are listed here.

Feb 27, 2007 18:34 | Rodney

Hallo Helena.

We are a group of 8 guys from SA coming to work in Brno.Would like to have a good time on our days off including week-ends.

Any suggestions?

Would like to here from you!


Mar 01, 2007 16:28 | Jana

When you are in Brno, try Fleda in Stefanikova street 24, Klub 14 ka in Janska street 14 or Selepova No 1 in Selepova street 1. ;-)

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