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We had a fantastic time in Prague

Dec 02, 2004 13:22 | Sara

We had a fantastic time in Prague. The Albert Pension was ideal for our needs. It was clean, spacious and had a fridge and kettle which came in really useful. The bathroom and toilet were also clean and the shower was great. The lady who was there when we arrived was really really nice and gave us some really helpful travel tips.

The Ebel cafe just off the Old Square was really good. We also liked Bohemia Bagel (the one that we went to was really near the furnicular railway near the hill with the fake Eiffel Tower and the mirror maze). We really really enjoyed the meal that we had at the Czech restaurant inside the Municipal House, near Namisky Republiky. It was so tasty, very reasonably prices, the staff were also friendly.

We wanted to go out dancing on our last night, which was Monday and obviously not the best night to out. We tried to follow our guide books and tried the Old Square and places around it, but the best thing to do is go near Charles’s Bridge where there are two clubs, both of which were lively. We went to the one closest to the river, I tihnk it was called Lavka but I can’t be sure.

The music wasn’t great but it’s all a matter of taste, but there was a good crowd and there is a great view of the bridge from the back garden. The other club which says it is ‘the biggest club in middle Europe’ next to Lavka was also busy. So that is the best area to head for if you want to dance during the week.

Those are the main things I can remember. Oh yes, and it’s very useful to know how to say ‘Thank you’ in Czech because people appreciate it and you get a lot more smiles and a much better response.

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