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Best pizza in Prague

Dec 02, 2004 13:27 | Matthias

The best pizza we had was at Capri Pizza. The service is relatively good. Although it is in a little passage just at Karl’s Bridge and looks a little like a tourist trap, it can definitely be recommended for serving one of the best pizzas I ever had.

The best bar/restaurant to go to grab a bite ├índ have a couple of beers while the evening is still young is definitely the “Atmosphere”. It is mainly frequented by locals (which I think is a very good sign) and thus doesnt charge any phantasy-taxes for foreign customers. The service is friendly, the beer is good and the food (except for the pasta) was very good. Prices are very reasonable. We liked it very much there and visited the place 3 times in 4 days….

Of course there are also the all time favorites “Chateau Bar” (formerly known as “Chapeau Rouge”) and the Radost FX (although we accidentally went in at gay night, which was a little weird..)

In case some of your customers are into action games, I would recommend the “Laser Game” at Narodni Street. One advice: Don’t wear any clothes you plan on wearing later that night when going out….

In general, my advice is to stay away from the main tourist routes. Just one or two streets away you can find lots of nice restaurants and bars. As we experienced it, at the main tourist locations, prices are much higher and often there is some hidden additional amount to pay. Once we had to pay extra just for the plates and at the end some weird “EU tax” of 19% was added to our bill.

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