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What I enjoyed the most in Prague

Dec 02, 2004 13:28 | Amanda Edwards

I want to thank you once more for your kind assistance in finding me a room to stay in during my visit to Prague, as well as tell you what I enjoyed the most in this beautiful city!

Naturally, the two castles and the Charles Bridge were impressive. A friend had recommended I go down to the bridge very early in the morning, before the artists and tourists show up, to have an unimpeded view—it was worth it! The gardens and parks surrounding Vysherad were quiet and the view was breathtaking. I enjoyed walking around old town, and in general, all of the buildings were impressive.

I walked through the Jewish District, including the Old New Synagogue and Kafka’s birthplace. I highly suggest your guests take the time to explore this part of town—it’s unlike anything we’ve got in the States, and seems fairly unique to what I’ve seen throughout Europe.

I took a couple of hours to take a tour of the Museum of Communism. This is not a part of history I am familiar with, and I appreciated the format of the museum as well as the information provided.

I also recommend that your more adventurous guests take a walk around the parts of town less filled with tourists. I explored the area near Hostel Alia (which was a lovely hostel, with wonderful reception) and met many friendly, interesting people. It was good to put myself in situations where the folks I encountered didn’t speak any of the same languages as myself (I studied German in Austria).

Oh, there is a shop in the cellar in the main square, called The White Unicorn, or something close to that. They sell handmade arts and crafts from around the Czech Republic, and I had wonderful service there. The prices are very reasonable, and I bought an exquisite necklace and silk from there. I do not remember the exact name of the place, but it is not difficult to spot!

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