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My reflections about our stay in Praha

Dec 02, 2004 13:33 | Matthias

I’m about to make my reflections about our stay in Praha, like I promised.

About typical sightseeing (Hradcany, Stare mesto) and museums (Mucha, Cityhistory), there is nothing I like to add to the informations everybody can find in any guide.

About entertainment for young people (or such who feel like) Praha seems not only to be like other modern european metropolis. The masses of young americans dominating the nightlife with their incredibale behaviour. Stupid, dull, drunken, arrogant and absolutly unable to dance. There seems to be no czech nightlife in Stare mesto, the music is mainstream at all, even in the so called “alternative” Roxy club – without meaning, soul or identity. Actually there seems to be almost no concruent czech identity in the center at all – just a big sale out of trash and luxery for consuming tourists – what a pity.

Thanks god for Vinohrady! This area south of Vinohrodska ul. is so lovely and true. I enjoyed it very much walking arround there by day and hanging out by night.

Beside our trip to Praha I read a very suitable book: “Kniha smichu a zapomneni”. Even if the storys happend in the 70ies they are still topical in some way. For example about “The idiocy of music” or the “Czech identity”.

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