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General queries

Mar 26, 2007 15:03 | Ross

Any advice or recommendations on where to get good value food and drink in Prauge ( Day and Night), also advice on what to expect to pay for Food and drink.

Also best place to shop for fashionable clothing at a good price.

What currency should one carry to make it easier.

As young trendy tourists who travel a lot and hate being ripped off when in a country where language may be a stumbling block any advice on the above queries or other pointers would be greatly appreciated

Mar 26, 2007 17:19 | Jana

Hi Ross, if you wanna know where to eat and drink, here is a good review of some restaurants and pubs, as well as bars and clubs. The prices vary according to the position in the city. In the city centre you can expect prices about several hundreds CZK for lunch, outside the centre you may find meals below 200 CZK. To have Czech crowns is really handy, even though in many restaurants they accept euros as well.

Mar 27, 2007 08:57 | Jana

Sorry, here is the review of restaurants and pubs and bars and clubs =o)

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